Related Persons

The following people are linked to our family. The relationship that they have with each other is covered in the next section plus the next page.  In alphabetical order, they are:
ANDREW; Mary (Maryann)
BIGGAR; Andrew (Andy), A. Maria, Margaret (Mag)
BIGBIE / BIXBY; Anna, Fanny
BRAND; Adam, Agness, Catherin, David, George, Isabell, James, Janet, Jannet, John, Margaret, Mary
BROWN; Agnes, Annie, Carol, Cathy, David, Edward (Ned), Grissel, Jack, James, Joan, Lillian, Lillias, Margaret, Maria, Mary (Maryann)
BUNTON; Daniel, Rebecca (Beckie)
BUTLER; Annie Adele, Elizabeth Sarah (Bessy), Emma, Jessie Maud, John Jabez, Jabez Henry (Harry), Sarah, William Azarious
CAMERON; Merveen (Merv)
CHAFE; Alvina, Susanna (Susan), Susan
CLARK; Elsie Violet, John, Margaret
CLEE; Olga Lillian
CLIFFORD; Eric, Freda, Jack, Margaret, Mary, Peggy, Stanley, William
COLWELL; Ellen, John, Margaret Sarah, Mary Ann, Richard, Thomas
COOPER; Annie Margaret, Annie Mary
DIER; Elizabeth
DIXON; Margaret Grace (Maggie), William
DONALDSON; Georgina, Elizabeth, Helen, James, John, Mary, Robert, William
DOOHAN; Agnes Lillian, Michael Edward
DOWIE; Margaret
DOWSLIN; Eleanore (Ellen)
DOYLE; Annie Mary, Eileen (Anna), Marian (Maureen), Murtha (Walter)
DUFF; Agness, David, Isabell, Thomas, Margaret

DUNCAN;  Flora, Lillias, Sheila, Sydney, Margaret
EAGLE; Elizbeth (Lizzie) Ann, James
ELDER; Catherin
EWING; Marjory Helen
FARLEY; Richard
FEARNEYHOUGH; Hannah, Lewis, Mary, William
FERGUSON; Elizabeth, Margaret Grace (Maggie), Verge
FRAYNE / FREYNE; Lillias, Margaret, Walter
GARDNER; Elizabeth, Hew McLure, Ewan, Dorothy
GATHERUM / GATHEREM; Eupham, Euphemia, Grissel, Isabel, Isobell, James, Janet, John, Lilias, Margaret, Robert, Thomas,
GOODALE; Alexander, Eupham (Euphene), Lillias, Lillie
GRAY; Idella, Margaret Mary
GREEN; Harriette
GUNN; Margaret
HAKESLEY; Alice Ellen, Ann, Florence, Hannah, John, Lily,  Margaret, Thomas, William
HALL; Susan
HILL; James, Lillias, Margaret
HAUG; Ethyle, Joy, Laura, Norman, Stephanie, Susan
HINKSON; Grace, John
HODGSON; Agnes, Alice (Allie), Ann, Anna, Annie, Annie Olive May, Bella, Clarence (Clare), David, Eleanore, Elizabeth, Ellen (Nellie), Emma, Ethel, Eva, Fanny, Francis (Frank), George, Gladys Helen, Grindale, Grindell, Isabella,  Lillian, Lilly, Madeleine, Margaret (Maggie), Margaret Emma, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Matthew, Mercy Almedia, Merveen (Merv), Olive, Rebecca, Thelma Irene, Victoria, William (Bill)
HOPPER; Ann, Annie, George Henry, Grace, John, Margaret Sarah, Mary, Richard, Selina, Thomas, William
HOOD; Mary
HUMPHRYES; James, Leslie, Lynne, Raymond Thomas, Raymond, Richard William (Jim)
HUNTER; Ann, Anne, Agnes, Alexander, Beverly (Bev), Bob, Charles, Chris, David, Dianne, Doris, Douglas, Euphemia, Frances, Glen, Gordon, Harry, Helen, Henry Colin, Henry Douglas, Henry Dundas, Jack, James, John, Ken, Kimberly, Lillias, Lilly, Margaret, Nan, Nicole, Nina, Robert, Ron, Roxy Elise, Sara, Sloane, Thelma, Victoria, Violet, Walter, William
JACKSON; Annie, Lewis Douglas, Louis, Olive
JOHNSON; Alan, Audrey, Henry, Mary
JONES; George Thomas, Mary Payne
KEARNEY; Charles, Eleanor, Hugh Charles, Jacob, Joan, John, Lynn, Mary, Mike, Michael, Patricia, Sarah, Sean, Thomas, William
KENNAWAY; Agnes, Ann, Catherine, Charles, Cynthia Jane, David, Eadie, Elizabeth Keiller, Emma, Guy, Hazel, Henrietta, Henry, James, Jane, Janet, Jeannie, Marjory Helen, Susan, William
KERR; Anne
KIELLAR; Elizabeth
KING; Bev, Jason, Ross, Tylor
KNIGHT; Alice (Allie), Peter
LANG; Alexander, Isabell
LAMB; Agnes
LATHAM; Euphemia, Henry
LAWLEY; Charles, Margaret (Mag)
LAWSON; Agnes, Alexander, David, Eliza, Janet, Lillias (Lilly), Margaret, William
LAYMAN; Elizabeth
LILLY; Abraham (Abe), Mary
LINTON; Alice Ellen, John, Jack, Marjorie
LUDGATE; Elizabeth Eleanore
LYNDE; Selina
MAHER; Joseph Delaney, Hortense Geraldine
MANNERS; John, Mary
MARCH; Charles Theadore, Mary (May) Roberta
MARTIN; W. Anderson, Nina
McCAIN; Anne
McCULLOUGH; Mary, Francis, Peter
McINTOSH; John, Jessie Eleanor
MacKay;  Angus, Flora, Keith, William George
McLEOD; Agnes
McPHERSON; Agnes, Catherine, Henrietta, Isabella, Jessie, Lillias, Lilly, Margaret, Walter, William, Wilhemina
MOODY; Arthur, Elizabeth
MOORE; Elizabeth Isabella (Bella), Catherine, Doris, Jimmy
MORGAN; Muriel
MORRISSEY; Anna Louisa/Louise, William Laurence
MORRY; Jane, William Sweetland
MUMFORD; Eliza, Jim, Jni, Margaret, Sarah
NEWELL; Adelaide, Alf, Amy, Eliza, James, Sarah, Theodore
NILSEN; Niles Ludwig (Lou), Maria/Myra Jane
NIXON; Ann, Frances
OAKS; Ellen (Nellie), Thomas Wesley
OLIPHANT; George Treacher, Sarah Mary
ORROCK (or ORACK); Ann, Isobell, John, Katherine, Margaret
PAGET; Adelaide, Amelia, Amy, Ann, Anne, Charles, David, Dick, Edmund, Elizabeth, Ernest, Florence, George, Gertrude, Grace, Harriot, John, Marion (Maureen), Mary, Nancy, Orlando, Rita, Robert (Bob), Sandra, Sidney (Sid), Susan, Ted, Thomas, William
PATIE; Margaret
PAYNE; Eva, Sarah, Thomas Robert
PEAT; Alexander, Lillias, Lillie, Margaret
PITT; William
POOL; Elizabeth, Grace, Jane, Jessie, Mathew, Richard, Robert Shand, Samuel, Sarah, William
ROGERSON; John, Peggy, Scott; Annie, Hugh, Margaret
SAUNDERS; Elizabeth
SCEVIOUR; George, Sarah
SCOTT; Annie, Arthur, Hugh, John, Margaret, Maria Jean, Margaret, Mary
SEALE; Jack, John, Marjorie
SHADDOCK; Grace, Mary, Thomas
SIDDALL; Alice Louise, John William Henry, Roxy Elise, Victor William George
SMITH; Isobell, James
STARK; Eva Victoria, Frederick Philip Johnathon
STEINKE; Albert, Gladys Helen
STEVENS; Emma Irene, Herbert Wilfred
STONE / STONEMAN; Sophia Louise, William Thomas
STREETER; Anne, David, Dorothy, Francis, Jim, Joseph, Mary, Percival, Richard
SYMONS; Matthew, Sarah
TAYLOR; Charlotte, Margaret
THOMSONE; Margaret
VARLEY; Agnes, Allan Armstrong
WEATHERDON; Henry, William, Sarah, Susanna
WEGMANN; Mitch, Sloane
WHITE; Helen Louise, Margaret (Maggie) Stella
WILLIAMS; Anne, James, Violet
WILSON; Janet, Mercy Almedia
WINSER / WINSOR; Abraham, Alvina, Anna, Anne, Ann, Anthony, Caroline, Dan, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Eliza, Elsie Violet, Emma, Eva, Fannie, Grace, Henry, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jane, Joan, John, Katherine, Laura, Lillian, Lily, Louise, Mary, May, Maria, Mathew, Matthew, Myra Jane (Jennie), Peter, Sarah, Sophia, Susan, Susanna
YOOL; Janet, Thomas

Note: To see detailed information on how these people are related, see "Family Interrelationships" below.

Family Interrelationships

This section documents the family groupings and detailed information for all of the above names.

William LAWSON married Margaret Mary GRAY (Edinburgh?)
William Lawson b. Feb.13, 1776 Edinburgh

John Clark married to (unknown)
Margaret Clark

William LAWSON (Carver and Gilder) married Margaret CLARK in Grayfriars Tolbooth Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. Oct. 12, 1795
1. William Dalrymple;  b. Aug.22, 1809 Edinburgh, Scotland
2. Lillias (Lilly) Dalrymple Lawson;  b. Aug. 27, 1811 Edinburgh. ch. Sept. 6, 1811
3. Alexander Gray;  b. May 28, 1809 Edinburgh  (Note:  Year conflicts with brother William)
4. David;  b. Dec. 1, 1813 Edinburgh
5. Eliza Cumming;  b. Nov.20, 1817 Edinburgh

William Dalrymple LAWSON married Agnes LAMB (Edinburgh?)
Margaret Anne;  b. March 8, 1857 Edinburgh

Walter FREYNE (Painter) married Lillias (Lilly) Dalrymple LAWSON at the Tolbooth Church in Edinburgh, Nov. 30, 1828. 
1. Margaret Freyne (Hill);  b. Jun.10, 1830 Edinburgh. d. July 16, 1898 Edinburgh.  Buried: Grange Cemetry
2. James Hill;  b. C.1834 Plumber (like his dad)
3. Lillias Hill;  b. C.1846
Note 1: Lilly had a second husband, James HILL (plumber).  James was a stepfather to Margaret and died sometime before Margaret was married in 1852.
Note 2:  Lilly was still alive when her daughter, Margaret, died in 1898.
Margaret McPherson (nee Freyne / Hill)
Edinburgh, c.1880

William McPHERSON (Sawyer) married Margaret GUNN in Halkirk & Thurso, Scotland. March 16, 1827
1. William McPherson (plumber);  b. Mar.17, 1830 Thurso, Caithness. d. Sep.11, 1902 Harthill, Lanarkshire
2. Henrietta (Henny);  ch. March 1, 1832 Thurso
3. Catherine (Cathrine);  b. June 11, 1834 Thurso

William McPHERSON (jr.) (Plumber) married Margaret FREYNE (HILL) in Edinburgh. Oct.24, 1852 (or Oct.26).
1. William;  b. May 16, 1853 Edinburgh.    d. Sometime before 1661
2. Lillias Lawson (Lilly) McPherson;  b. Feb.27, 1855 Edinburgh. d. 1949, Edinburgh.  m. Alexander Donaldson Hunter in Glasgow on Sept. 4, 1880
3. Isabella;  b. 1857 Edinburgh
4. Margaret;  b. June 11, 1860 Edinburgh. m. John Rogerson. Children: Peggy & John.
5. Wilhemina (Williamina);  b. March 24, 1862 Edinburgh
6. Henrietta;   b. Jan.29, 1864 Edinburgh
7. Agnes Logan;   b. Feb.17, 1866 Edinburgh
8. Jessie Eleanor;  b. Apr.13, 1868 Edinburgh. d. Canada. m. John McINTOSH Sep.12, 1893
9. Walter;  b. Apr.16, 1870 Edinburgh

Note 1: In the Registry of Marriages for 1852, the following appears:  “(McPherson Hill)  William, Plumber, residing at N4 Brighton Street and Margaret Freyne Hill, also residing at same place, both in this Parish, eldest daughter of the late James Hill, Plumber, there have been three several times duly and regularly proclaimed in the Parish Church of Saint Cuthberts in order to marriage and no objections offered.  Married on the twenty sixth October, eighteen hundred and fifty two.”
Note 2:  One of Lilly’s sisters died following a rupture after over-tightening her corset.
Note 3:  In the 1861 Census, the following are listed:  “William McPherson, Head, 31.  Margaret Fr., Wife, 31.  Lillius, Daughter, 6.  Isabella, Daughter, 3.  Margaret, Daughter, 10 months.  James Hill, Brother in-law, 27.  Lillias Hill, Sister in-law, 15.”  (James and Lillias are Margaret Freyne Hill’s brother and sister from her mother’s second marriage to James Hill senior.)
William and Margaret McPherson (nee Freyne / Hill)
Edinburgh, 1890

           Lillias McPherson (top) with sisters.               Walter, Lillias and Henrietta McPherson
                        Edinburgh, 1869                                                  Edinburgh, 1886

Adam BRAND (ch. Sep.1, 1661 Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland) married Catherin ELDER on July 4, 1684. (unconfirmed).  (See below for living conditions at the time)
Adam Brand jr. Born C. 1686

Note:  Scotland’s Mini Ice-Age.
From around AD 1500 to 1700, Scotland was smitten by a mini Ice Age.  In 1684, eye witness reports were of bitter summers, failure of harvests, and the wholesale destruction of woods.  In 1709, the British seas off Scotland were frozen solid for some miles off shore, and the frost went ten feet into the ground.  The houses were cold, smoky, smelly, ill-lit and uncomfortable.  Scotland had no roads, or at least none that could take wheels except within a few bigger towns.  The tracks were so rough that horsemen could travel no faster than walkers on a long journey.  The surface of the lowlands was almost entirely destitute of trees and even of bushes, except a few around the landowners’ houses.  There were no hedges and fences; all fields lay open, and since the people had not learned how to drain the land, it was covered with lakes, marshes and ponds.  The country people of the east and central Lowlands, Southern Uplands, and Borders, had stone houses roofed in thatch or turf, but without chimneys.  The windows were only holes in the walls, stopped in storm with a straw bung or a cloth roll.  In the Highlands, few stone houses could be seen apart from the clan chiefs’.  Thus, Highlanders and Lowlanders alike suffered great temptation to hibernate in winter, and to ‘redden their legs by the fire’ as one traveler recorded.

Adam BRAND jr. married Margaret (Mary) BALFOUR (b. Mar.27, 1686 ?? Ceres, Fife) in Largo, Scotland. August 3, 1711
1. Jannet;  Christened (ch.) Sept.21, 1712 Largo. (m. Thomas Yool. Largo, Scotland)
2. Adam;  ch. Jan.2, 1715 Largo, Scotland. (married Janet Wilson Nov.28, 1740)
3. George;  ch. Sept.21, 1717 Largo. (m. Margaret Patie Nov.20, 1747)
4. James Brand;  ch. May 1, 1720 Nochnary, Largo

John;  ch. Apr.10, 1722 Largo (m. Janet LAWSON Dec.7, 1750)
6. David (twin);  ch. Nov.22, 1724 Largo
7. Isabell (twin);  ch. Nov.22, 1724 Largo (m. Alexander Lang Nov.28, 1746)

Thomas DUFF (b.  c.1694) married Margaret DOWIE (b.  c.1694) in Largo, Scotland. Aug.14, 1719.
1. Agness Duff;  ch. Oct.6, 1723 Largo.
2. David;  ch. 1726
3. Isabell;  ch. 1728

James BRAND married Agness DUFF in Largo, Scotland. Dec. 9, 1748
Margaret Brand ch. Oct.1, 1749 Largo. d. Jun.1, 1790 Backmuir. Buried 126 E11th North., Largo church yard, Scotland.

John ORACK / ORROCK married Margaret SCOTT (b.  c.1661) in Leuchars, Scotland. Jun.29, 1682.
1. Margaret Orack (Orrock);   ch. Mar.31, 1683 Leuchars, Fife, Scotland.
2. Isobell;   ch. Apr. 9, 1685  Leuchars, Fife, Scotland (unconfirmed)
3. Katharine;   ch. Apr. 6, 1687 Leuchars, Fife.  (Unconfirmed)
4. Ann;   ch. Sept. 14, 1690 Leuchars, Fife.  (Unconfirmed)
Note 1:  The spelling of ORACK / ORROCK is uncertain.  Perhaps this is because not everyone could read or write at the time and clerks, ministers and others spelled it the way it sounded.  Note that Margaret's marriage contract (Note 1 below) was listed as "ORACK".

Robert GATHERUM (b.  c.1680 Crail) married Margaret ORACK/ORROCK in Crail and Leuchars, Scotland. June 19, 1714
1. James;  ch. Aug.30, 1715 Crail.  m. Grissel BROWN on Dec.19, 1739 Kilkenny, Fife.  Grissel was born on Dec. 22, 1717.
2. Isobell;  ch. Dec.10, 1717 Crail, Scotland (m. James SMITH Dec.18, 1744)
3. John Gatherum (Gatherim??);   b. Aug. 21, 1720  Crail, Scotland.   d. Bachmuir
4. Thomas;  ch. July 21, 1723 Crail
Note 1:  Robert’s marriage date is uncertain, but his contract with Margaret was registered on June 19 and states, “Juny 19 – Rob Gatherum brought a loghificat of his contract with Margt Orack in the parish of Leuchars”.  Note the spelling of “Juny”.  Also that the spelling of loghificat is uncertain due to the handwriting, but the latter half of the word is definitely “ficat”, so it appears to be some sort of certificate.

Alexander PEAT married Margaret THOMSONE.
Lilias (Lillie) Peat;   ch. Apr.26,1691 Wemyss, Scotland

Alexander GOODALE (b.  c.1690) (servant) married Lillias (Lillie) PEAT in Wemyss, Scotland. Dec.21, 1716
Eupham (Euphene) Goodale;  b. Jun.24, 1723 in Cameron, Fife.  ch. June 28 Markinch, Scot.

John GATHERUM married Eupham GOODALE in Markinch, Scotland. Oct.12, 1750
1. Lilias;   b. Aug.13, 1751.  ch. Aug.18, 1751 Markinch
2. John Gatherum;  b. Jun.16, 1753 Little Lun.  ch. June 17, 1753 Markinch. d. Aug.7, 1807 New Gilston.  Buried 130 E12 No., Largo Church Yard.
3. Isabel;   b. Feb.12, 1756.  ch. Feb.15, 1756 Markinch
4. Eupham;   b. Mar.28, 1760. ch. Mar.30, 1760 Markinch
5. Janet;  b. May 7, 1762. ch. May 9, 1762 Markinch, Scotland
Note:  In 1753, the Markinch Parish records state “John Gatherum and Eupham Goodale in Littlelun had a child born June 16th and Baptized the 17th, called John”.

John GATHERUM (jr.) (servant in Baldastard) married Margaret BRAND on c.Dec. 2, 1782 in New Gilston, Scotland.  
Margaret was born In Largo on Oct.1, 1749 and died on June 1, 1790.  John’s second wife was Janet MORGAN, b. Oct. 23, 1760.  m. May 3, 1791.  In the “Registry of Marriages” on November 9, 1782, the process of proclamation began.  The statement reads, “Were contracted, John Gatherem and Margaret Brand, both in this Parish, who being thrice regularly proclaimed without objection, were married Dec. 2”.  (Note the Gatherem spelling). 
1. “John Gatherum’s child in New Gilston, buried 14 Nov., 1783, 127 E. 10 North.  No Mortcloth.”
2. “James,  born 17 Apr., 1784, Backmuir.  Chr. 25 Apr., 1784.  Buried 17 Nov., 1784, Largo.  No Mortcloth”
3. “Margaret Gatherum, born 19 Apr., 1786 Baldestard. ch. 23 Apr., 1786.  Father of Baldestard, servant.”  (Current spelling: Baldastard).
4. Euphemia Gatherum, b. June 24, 1788  ch. June 29, 1788 New Gilston
Note 1:  Margaret Brand died on June 1, 1790 Backmuir.  The statement reads, “Margaret Brand in Backmuir 123 east 11 north . . .”
Note 2:  Burials are from burial records checked in Largo and New Gilston
Note 3:  John’s second wife was Janet Morgan (b. Oct. 23, 1760).  The statement reads, “April 29th 1791.  Here contracted John Gatherame and Janet Morgan both in this Parish who after proclamation without objection were married May 3rd next thereafter.”  Note that Gatherum was often spelled the way it sounded (Gatherim, Gatherem, Gatherame) because not everyone could read or write.

James HUNTER (b. Apr.17, 1784 New Gilston) married Euphemia GATHERUM in New Gilston.  c. 1808
1. Margaret;   b. Aug. 28, 1810.  ch. Aug.30, 1810 Newburgh, Scotland
2. James;   b. Nov.18, 1812.  ch. Nov.22, 1812 Markinch, Scotland
3. Euphemia;   b. Aug.14, 1815 New Gilston, Scotland. ch. Lower Largo.
4. John Vicar Hunter; ("underground manager") b. June 4, 1820 New Gilston.  ch. June 18, 1820 Lower Largo, as John Vicar Hunter, but was later known as John McVicar Hunter.   d. Dec.10, 1900 Milesmark, Carnock, Scotland.
5. Charles;   b. July 9, 1822 New Gilston.   ch. Jul.11, 1822.

John DONALDSON (b.  c.1759) married Elizabeth FERGUSON (b.  c.1763) in St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland on Oct.10, 1784.  Note:  Was there a 2nd wife??  Agnes Robertson married a John Donaldson in St. Ninians on Apr. 13, 1788.
1. James;  b. Dec.2, 1785
2. William Donaldson;   b. Mar.2, 1792 St. Ninians, Stirling.
3. John;  b. Oct.4, 1795
4. Robert;  b. May 27, 1797
5. Mary;  b. Nov.5, 1800

William DONALDSON married Mary DAVIDSON (b.  c.1795) on July 13, 1816 in St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland.
1. Helen Barr (Bain??) Donaldson;  ch. Jun.11, 1820 St. Ninians, Stirling.
2. Georgina;  ch. Jun.20, 1822

Note:  Unknown if Helen was related to the Donaldson shipping family in Glasgow.  The Donaldson Line was founded by a John and William F. Donaldson in Glasgow in 1855.  More research needed on this one.

John Vicar HUNTER (“Colliery underground manager”) married Helen Barr (Bain??) DONALDSON in New Monkland, Scotland. March 7, 1841.
1. James;  b. 1842 Airdrie  d. May 25, 1892 Carnock, Scotland.  Underground roadsman.   Unmarried.  Died in mine collapse.  (see below)
2. John McVicar (Jr.);   b.  c.1846 Airdrie, Scotland.  m. Ann NIXON.  Edinburgh.
3. Alexander Donaldson Hunter (clerk);  b. 1850 or 1851 Airdrie, Scot.  d. May, 1918 Edinburgh
4. Euphemia;  b.  c.1850 Linlithgow, Scotland. m. W. Henry LATHAM
Note 1:  John senior had a second wife, Sarah Poole (b. Oct.31, 1827 Edinburgh).  They were married by the Rev. John McLauchlan in Auchterderran on Dec. 12, 1853.  Sarah had seven siblings:  Elizabeth (b. 1824.5.18), Mathew (b. 1825.10.23), William (b. 1826.9.24), Sarah, Grace (b. 1829.7.21), Jessie (b. 1833.4.11), Samuel W. (b. 1836.8.26), Robert Shand (b. 1838.6.10).  All born in Edinburgh.  Her parents were Richard Poole and Jane Caird.
Note 2:  The 1881 Census shows John and Sarah living with James Hunter (their 38 year old child) and with Mary Hood (domestic servant).  It also shows John as “Colliery Manager”.
Note 3:  John was described as a manager of a coal and iron coy and an underground manager in his will.  He was the coal master at Milesmark, where he died.
Note 4:  His son, James, died in a mine collapse in 1892 having been ordered by his father to go down the mine to inspect the damage caused by a previous collapse.  Apparently the miners argued that it was too dangerous for him to go down the mine, but as the engineer, he had no option but to obey his father’s orders.  He became trapped following a further fall in the mine.  He was rescued but died from his injuries soon after.  His grave is in Carnock.  The senior John Vicar Hunter is also buried there along with his grandson, John (Jack) McVicar Hunter.
                  John Vicar Hunter                            Alexander Donaldson Hunter -  age 23
           Carnock, Scotland.  1885                                      Glasgow, 1874

John McVicar HUNTER (jr.) married Frances Ann NIXON in Edinburgh. Apr.3, 1869  Had oil, coal and clay business in Leith until the 1880’s.  Lived at 29 Spring Gardens and Hawthorn Terrace, Loanhead.  It’s possible that they were separated before 1888, but this is unverified.
1. Nina;  b. Sept.28, 1870 Edinburgh, Scotland
2. Euphemia;  b. Oct.11, 1873 Edinburgh

Nina HUNTER married W. Anderson MARTIN in Edinburgh, Scotland. Aug. 4, 1891.  He was a Superintendent for an Insurance Company.

Lillias (Lilly) Lawson McPherson
Edinburgh - 1886

Alexander Donaldson HUNTER married Lillias (Lilly) Lawson McPHERSON on September 4, 1880 at 173 Shamrock St., Glasgow.  In 1881, Alexander and Lilly traveled to Montreal where the twins were born.  They returned to Scotland in 1886 and Alex was pushed into the coal industry by his father, John Vicar Hunter.  While in Montreal, Alex was a clerk, and in the 1891 Scotish Census, Alex was listed as a “Pit-head man, coal”.  Alex died of old age on May 6, 1918 at 3 Helen Street, Edinburgh.  He is buried at Rosebank Cemetry in LeithEdinburgh.  No headstone, but the adjoining graves are for an Alexander Donaldson and family.  (Are these his graves or could they be those of his cousin’s?)
1. William (Willy);  b. Oct.10, 1881 Montreal (twin brother of Henry)
2. Henry (Harry) Dundas Hunter;  b. Oct.10, 1881 Montreal (twin)  d. Sep.13, 1962 Vancouver, Canada.  m. Violet Richardson WILLIAMS on July 4, 1910.
3. Agnes (Aggie) Euphemia;  b. June 12, 1884 Highland City
4. John (Jack) McVicar;  b. Sep.6, 1886 Carnock, Fife. d. June 8, 1907 of the “croup” at Gosford Place, Edinburgh.  His grave is in Carnock.  His uncle (James) and his grandfather (John Vicar Hunter) are also buried there.
5. Walter Frayne Hunter;  b. Apr.24, 1889 Carnock
6. Margaret Frayne Hunter;  b. July 22, 1891 Carnock.  d. March 1976   m. Sydney Duncan in Edinburgh on March 26, 1931.  

     Sydney died unexpectedly in 1948.
     Children:  Lillias (half-sister), Flora Margaret and Sheila.
          Flora Margaret:  b. June 28, 1932 London.   d. May 25, 2015 Feshiebridge.  
               m. Dr. William George MacKay on October 15, 1955.  Children:  Keith (b.1960) and Angus (b.1964)
Note:  Alexander spent many years in Africa as a purchaser of palm oil, a very important item in those days in the production of soap.  He worked for a manufacturer in Edinburgh.  He had, unfortunately, developed some health problems which were thought to be related to his time spent in Africa.  Shortly after he was married, the company for whom he worked, granted a sick leave for him and arranged for him to visit Canada with the hope that a change of climate would improve his health.  Lilly was not pleased about leaving Scotland, but finally agreed to go with the clear understanding that the stay in Canada did not exceed one year.  They sailed for Montreal and story has it that Lilly never left the house that they occupied in that city.  In October of 1881, Henry (Harry) Dundas Hunter and his twin William were born.  While they were infants, the “one year” agreement was up, so they all returned to Scotland.  Alexander gave up his job as a buyer and accepted a position of mine manager with a coal mining company near Perth, Scotland.  Rumor has it that he died in Africa sometime between 1905 and 1914, but other information states that he died in Edinburgh on May 6, 1918.
Canada Census - 1881.  Alex and Lilly Hunter are listed as residents in Montreal, Canada.
Note that their ages are documented as:  Alex (31) and Lilly (22).  However, Lilly was 26 at the time.

                     Brothers Walter and Henry Hunter.
                                Near Edinburgh, 1899
   William Hunter leaving for the Boer War.
                            - 1899 -

James WILLIAMS (shopkeeper) married Anne KERR in 1880, Edinburgh.  James was born in 1854, Edinburgh and died of a heart attack at age 42 in 1896, Edinburgh.  Anne was born into a well to do family in Edinburgh in 1860.  She died in 1950, Edinburgh.
Violet Richardson Williams;  b. July 1, 1886 Edinburgh  d. May 24, 1962 Vancouver, Canada.  She was the only child.
Note 1:  James was a successful shop keeper and Anne came from parents who had been property owners and who leased many apartments in South Edinburgh.
Note 2:  After James died, Anne never remarried.  Her grandson, Jim Hunter, stated that "she managed to go through a sizable fortune through extravagant living and neglect of the property that had been left to her.  The eventual neglect turned once respectable apartment buildings into run-down tenements, which in time became condemned buildings."

Henry (Harry) Dundas HUNTER married Violet Richardson WILLIAMS in Thornhill, Perthshire (about 50 km from Carnock), Scotland. July 4, 1910.  They emigrated to Canada in 1913.  Violet died of a heart attack in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada on May 24, 1962.  Harry died four months later on September 13, 1962.  Their son, Jim, said that Harry was circumspect and serious, while Violet was chummy, animated, optimistic and forthright.
1. Anne Williams (Nan) Hunter;  b. 1910 Scotland.   d. Aug.14, 1935 Winnipeg.  Complications from teeth surgery.
2. John Williams (Jack) Hunter;  b. July 12, 1912 Scotland.  m. Doris MOORE. Children: Jack and Robert (Bob)
3. Henry Colin (Harry Douglas) Hunter;  b. Aug.16, 1915 Winnipeg;  d. Feb.28, 2001 Vancouver.  Married Thelma Irene Hodgson (pronounced Hodson) in Jamaica on Oct. 2, 1940.  Children:  H. Douglas (Doug), David George and Beverley Ann (Bev).
4. James Williams (Jim) Hunter;   b. Apr.24, 1921 in the family home on Furby Street,  Winnipeg.  Worked in textiles – sales.  d. Feb. 14, 2013 North Vancouver.  Married Roxie Elise SIDDALL in Winnipeg on April 24, 1943.  Roxy was born in Medicine Hat in 1922 and died in North Vancouver on Sep.3, 2005.  Her parents were Olga Lillian CLEE (b. 1892.12.20 Russell, Manitoba) and Victor William George SIDDALL.  They married in Russell, Manitoba on February 12, 1921.  (George’s mother: Alice Louise Siddall and father: John William Henry Siddall).  Jim and Roxy’s children: Ken, Ron (m. Dianne), Gordon, Glen and Victoria (Vickie) (twins).
5. Lillias McPherson (Bunty);  b. July 20, 1924.  d. April 18, 2016 in Delta, British Columbia.  m. Jack BROWN   Children: Carol, Joan and Cathy.
Note 1:  Henry (Harry) Dundas Hunter completed his education in Edinburgh and took a job with the government in what today would be called the Welfare Department.  In essence, his job was to search out and escort back to Ireland, old people who had come to Scotland to take advantage of the Government Assistance plans then available in Scotland.  It was a most unlikely position for someone with Harry's sensitivities and it wasn't long until he gave it up.
Note 2:  Henry emigrated to Canada in ca.1912 and brought Violet, Ann and Jack with him.
Note 3:  In Manitoba's 2016 census, the people listed in the home was:  Henry (Head, 34, soldier), Violet (wife, 29), Anne (daughter, 5), Jack (son, 3), Henry (daughter, 9/12 [9 months old out of 12 months]), Anne Williams (mother-in-law, widow, 49), Elizabeth Kerr (Violet's cousin, sales lady, 28).  [Note: Henry, 'daughter', should have been listed as 'son']
Note 4:  (From Jim Hunter's story "HUNTER, The Canadian Connection . . . the way I saw it").  "After emigrating to Canada in 1913, Henry Dundas Hunter (Harry) accepted a short term contract with the Grand Trunk Railway in British Columbia as Paymaster and Surveyor.  When World War 1 broke out, he returned to Winnipeg and enlisted with the Canadian Engineers.  But because of his accounting experience, he was transferred to the Paymaster’s Office and was quickly sent overseas.  When he returned to Canada in 1920, he returned to Winnipeg where he became the Secretary Treasurer of the fast growing Municipality of St. James, on the west side of Winnipeg.  He remained there until 1927.  In 1927, he joined a company that did contract work for the province of Manitoba in property tax assessment.  When the Depression hit in 1928, he was hired to do the assessment for a large area in the Lake Manitoba area, known as St. Laurent.  His responsibility grew to include “Sheriff” for that part of the province, where he lived year round.  His family, however, continued to live in Winnipeg.  It appears that a combination of melancholy and despair for his future overtook him in the winter of 1928, for he decided to flee Manitoba.  When Violet couldn’t contact her husband, she made inquiries through the RCMP (police).  Their investigation concluded that he had left his home with the door open and the lights on and had been absent many days.  His model 'A' Ford was gone and was never recovered.  Two months later, he was found by the Montreal police.  He had been taken to a hospital in a state of near starvation after collapsing in the street.  He had no recollection of leaving St. Laurent and was apparently trying to find his way back to Scotland."
Note 5:  In note 3 above, there is an incorrect listing on the census form.  Henry (daughter, 9/12) should have been listed as son.  He was born Henry Colin Hunter but was later known as Harry Douglas Hunter when he married Thelma Hodgson in 1940.
2016 Census  -  Manitoba

         Henry (Harry) Dundas Hunter                                                London, 1919
                 Winnipeg, 1916                                               Tribute to the Canadian War dead.                                                                                      Harry is 2nd from right.

                                                       Harry's World War I pass.
                                                           November 27, 1919

*** Note: The next section looks at Thelma Hodgson’s side of the family. ***

James WINSER married Joan (unknown) in England in c. 1660.  Their estate was called “Lemonford in Ashburton” and was still in existence as a farm in the 19th Century.  James was born c. 1635 Denbury, Devon, England and died March 21, 1703.
1. Henry WINSER;  b.  c.1660 Denbury, Devon.  (May be a baptized date)
2. John Winser
Note 1:  The WILL of James Winser states in part:  “To my son, HENRY WINSER -5s.  To my Grandson, HENRY WINSER – 1s.  To my Granddaughter, JOAN WINSER – 1s.  To my Granddaughter SUSANNA WINSER – 1s.  To my loving wife JOAN WINSER all my estate called LEMONFORD IN ASHBURTON during the term of her natural life.  Residue to my loving wife JOAN WINSER and to my son JOHN WINSER executor.”
Note 2:  There are at least five more generations of Henry Winser/Winsor’s that follow.

Henry WINSER married Elizabeth DIER in England on June 16, 1687Elizabeth was born in Denburn, England in the year 1660.
1. Elizabeth;   b. Sept. 4, 1687  Denbury
2. Henry WINSER;  b. 1689 Denbury.  Baptized June 13, 1689.  d. May 3, 1765 Denbury.  Lived in Doccombe, near Denbury, England.
3. John;   b. July 5, 1696  (Probably a baptized date)

Henry WINSER married Mary (unknown) in Doccombe, Devon, England in c. 1710.  Mary died in Denbury in March, 1760 and was buried on April 1, 1760.
1. Henry WINSER;  b. Nov. 5, 1711 Denbury.  Baptized Nov.11, 1711.  d. July 8, 1785 Denbury.  m. Katherine (unknown)
2. Elizabeth WINSER;  b. 1715  Baptism:  Nov.17, 1715
3. John WINSER;  b. 1718   Baptism: April 24, 1718
4. Jacob WINSER;  b. Feb. 9, 1720 Denbury.  Baptized Feb.9, 1720.  Burial July 5, 1782 Denbury.  Occupation:  Mariner, Sea Captain, Clerk of West Ogwell (a nearby village).  m. Grace HINKSON in Denbury on May 4, 1740.  After Grace died on Feb. 11, 1760, Jacob remarried to Eliza LUCKECROFT on Oct. 26, 1760.
5. Peter WINSER;    b. 1723 Denbury.   Baptized Sept.13, 1723       d. Jan. 30, 1765 Denbury.  m. Mary CAVELL
6. Mary WINSER;   b. Apr. 12, 1726 Denbury.   m. William PITT on Jan. 30, 1765
7. Anthony “Clerk” WINSOR (Note spelling);   b. April, 1729 Denbury.  Baptized April 13, 1729.  d. July 16, 1814 England.  Occupation: Cordwainer (Made shoes and boots) and Parish clerk (effective Nov.27, 1763).  m. Susanna WHITEWAY on Apr. 21, 1758 Exeter Parish, Denbury, Devon, England.  She died 1764 – burial was June 3, 1764.  One child:  SUSANNA baptized Jan.12, 1759 Denbury.  d. Nov.6, 1785
Note 1:  Anthony Winser’s 1813 WILL states:  “In the name of God, Amen.  I, Anthony Winsor of the Parish of Denbury in the county of Devon, Cordwainer, being of sound mind . . etc. . .   I give and bequeath JACOB WINSOR now in French Prison the sum of 10 pounds.  If he does return to receive it during his life, the above sum to be paid to his father, PETER WINSOR.  If neither of them receive the above 10  pounds to be paid to HENRY WINSOR, Grandson of the above named PETER WINSOR and SARAH SYMONS. . . .”  (Henry is the first child of PETER WINSER and SARAH PAYNE and was 8 years old at the time.  He was born before the abduction of his father and uncle by the French.  This is why there is a large gap between Henry and his next sibling, Elizabeth Sarah WINSOR, born Feb. 21,1815.)  (Note:  In Anthony’s Will, he spells Peter as Petter, which is Nordic spelling.)
Note 2:  Anthony’s gravestone reads:  “Sacred to the memory of Anthony Winʃer (Winser) who was clerk of this parish 49 years who departed this life the 16th of July, 1814 Aged 85 years.  Also Sarah, wife of Weatherdon, and grand-daghter of the above who died November 1850 aged 43 years.  Also Henry M Weatherdon, son of William and Sarah Weatherdon.”  Also, “In memory of Suʃanna (Susanna) the wife of Anthony Winʃer (Winser) who died ye 26th of November 1785 Aged 55”.
Note 3:  The WINSOR spelling varies, even within the same family.  Early spelling was usually WINSER, but this branch of the family eventually adopted WINSOR.  The reason for the discrepancy is unknown.  Perhaps clerks, ministers and others spelled it the way it sounded.  Also, in Anthony WINSOR’s will, all spellings are WINSOR.

John HINKSON MARRIED Grace ASHLEY on June 13, 1712 in Denbury, England.
1. Grace HINKSON;  b. 1720 Denbury, England.  Baptized on Dec. 8, 1720 Denbury.   m. Jacob WINSER on May 4, 1740 Denbury.  d. Feb. 11, 1760 Denbury.

Jacob WINSER (Clerk of West Ogwell) married Grace HINKSON in Denbury on May 4, 1740.  After Grace died on Feb.11,1760, Jacob remarried to Eliza LUCKECROFT on Oct. 26, 1760.
1. Grace WINSER;  b. 1743 Denbury.  Baptism Oct.6, 1743
2. Henry WINSER;  b. Apr. 24, 1746 Denbury.  d. Nov. 1, 1819.  m. Joan FIELD on March 25, 1769.  m2. Elizabeth LAYMAN on Dec. 20, 1792.  m3. Eleanor ANDERSON on Sept. 21, 1813 St. John’s, Newfoundland.
3. Elizabeth WINSER;  b. 1748.  Baptized Aug. 17, 1748.  d. 1751
4. Jacob WINSER;  b. 1750 Denbury.  Baptized Sept. 15, 1750.  d. Feb. 15, 1751 Denbury (5 months old)
5. Jacob WINSER;  b. 1752 Denbury.  Baptized Sept. 17, 1752.  m. Elizabeth (unknown)
6. Peter WINSOR (twin),  b. Apr. 15, 1755 Denbury.  Baptized April 15, 1755.  d. June 11, 1828 England.  Mariner, Sea Captain, Merchant.
7. Jane WINSER (twin);  b. Apr. 15, 1755 Denbury.  Baptized April 15, 1755.   m. Richard FARLEY in c. 1782
8. Joan WINSER;  b. Oct. 26, 1758 Denbury.  Baptism Oct.26, 1758
Note 1:  Jacob’s gravestone inscription at St. Mary’s Parish Church, Denbury, reads, “In memory of Jacob Winʃer (Winser) of this Parish and late Clerk of West Ogwill who was buried the 5th Day of July AD 1782 aged 62.  Also Henry Winser son of the above who departed this life the 8th day of November 1819.  Aged 74 years.”
Note 2:  In the past, words like bleʃs and aʃsigns are used.  They look like an “f” but they are not.  In older English they are known as a “long s”.  So the words are actually “bless” and “assigns”.  Also, “Winʃer” is actually “Winser”.

Matthew SYMONS married Sarah WRAYFORD in Denbury on Feb. 5, 1756.  Matthew was born in the year 1730 and died in Denbury, Devonshire on Dec. 29, 1814.  Sarah was born in the year 1730 and died in Denbury, Devonshire on August 8, 1786 age 56.  Matthew’s father was Matthew SYMONS Sr.
1. Sarah SYMONS;  b.  c.1757 Denbury.  d. Dec. 31, 1823.  m. Peter WINSOR in Devon, England on Feb. 4, 1779.
Note 1:  Banns of marriage between Matthew and Sarah reads as follows: “Banns of Marriage between Matthew Symons, junr and Sarah Wrayford were published on the 25th, 26th and 27th of December 1755 by me William Neyles, Curate.  The said Matthew Symons, jnior of this parish, husbandman and the said Sarah Wrayford of this parish, spinster, were married in this church by Banns this fifth day of February in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty six.”
Note 2:  Gravestone inscription for Sarah Weyford, mother, reads:  “My husband and my children dear, Weep not for me though sleeping here.  Prepare for death that we may be in glory to eternity.”  Also, for Matthew:  “MATTHEW SYMONS – Husband of the above who departed this life the 29th day of December, 1814, aged 84 years.”

Peter WINSOR (Mariner, Sea Captain, Merchant) married Sarah SYMONS on Feb. 4, 1779 in Denbury, Devon, England.  Peter was born in Denbury on April 14, 1755 and died there on June 11, 1828.  Sarah was born in Denbury on C. 1757 and died there on December 31, 1823.
1. Peter WINSOR;  b. Dec. 17, 1779 Denbury.  d. March 3, 1780  (3 1/2 months old)
2. Peter Ford WINSER;  b. Dec. 5, 1781 Denbury.  Baptism Dec.21, 1781.  Converted to Catholicism in 1848.  d. Oct. 11, 1864 Aquaforte, Newfoundland
3. Jacob WINSOR;  b. Oct. 7, 1784 Denbury.  d. Dec. 19, 1858 Aquaforte, Newfoundland.  m. Anna JENNINGS in Dartmouth on Feb. 15, 1816
4. Henry WINSOR;  b. Aug. 20, 1786 Denbury.  d. Nov. 1786 (3 months old).  Buried Nov.22, 1786
5. Abraham Wreyford WINSER;  b. Dec. 27, 1787 Denbury.  d. Mar. 1, 1854 Devon.  Occupation: Builder, Master Carpenter.  m. Elizabeth SAUNDERS on May 26, 1811.  m2. Agnes ROWELL on about Dec. 1851.
6. Isaac WINSOR;  b. Dec. 13, 1789 Denbury.  m. Jane PROWSE IN Tiegnmouth, England on May 22, 1813.
7. Anthony WINSER;  b. Sept. 16, 1792 Denbury.  m. Ann AVERY on Jan. 12, 1815 Torbryan, Eng.
8. Matthew Symons WINSER;  b. Oct. 16, 1794 Denbury.  d. Before Aug. 20, 1844 (Lost at sea).  Emigrated to St. John’s, Newfoundland on c. 1830.    m. Charlotte TAYLOR on Jan. 9, 1818 Denbury.
9. Sarah WINSOR;  b. Nov. 6, 1796 Denbury.  d. Jan. 12, 1797 (2 months old)
Note 1:  The gravestone inscription in England reads “SARAH, wife of PETER WINSER died 31st day of December 1823 age 66.  Also above PETER WINSER died 11th June 1828 age 73 years”.
Note 2:  In 1811, Peter and his brother Jacob were captured off the Coast of Newfoundland by Napoleon’s men and imprisoned in Arras, France.  (See Note 1 below, Peter Winser and Sarah Payne's family)

Peter Ford WINSER married Sarah PAYNE in St. John’s Newfoundland on Dec. 5, 1801.  Peter was a Mariner, Merchant, Ship Builder and Politician.  Sarah was born in Denbury, England on Nov. 5, 1787 and died in Aquaforte, Newfoundland on Feb. 15, 1872.  He was 20 and she was 13 years old when they married and was during the Napoleonic Wars.
1. Henry WINSOR;  b. Aug. 18, 1804 Denbury.  d. Dec. 9, 1850 Aquaforte.  Occupation:  Master and owner of merchant vessel “Aquaforte”; Planter;  Merchant.  m. Anne COULMAN on Dec. 5, 1826 in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.
2. Elizabeth Sarah WINSOR;  b. Feb. 21, 1815 Dartmouth, Devon, England.  d. June 2, 1822 Ferryland, Newfoundland (Burned to death at age 7)
3. Sarah Mary Payne WINSER;  b. Dec. 21, 1816 Devon, England.  d. July 24, 1903 St. John’s, Newfoundland.  School Teacher – Catholic School and still teaching at age 73.  m. Capt. George Thomas JONES on Aug. 5, 1835.  He drowned in 1844 on a voyage to Greenock.  m2. George Treacher OLIPHANT in 1849, Aquaforte. 
4. Jane WINSER;  b. Jan. 16, 1819 Aquaforte, Newfoundland.  d. Feb. 19, 1868.  m. William Sweetland MORRY on Apr. 29, 1845 Ferryland, NFLD.
5. Caroline WINSER;  b. Apr. 7, 1821 Aquaforte, Newfoundland.  d. Jan. 10, 1890 Aquaforte.  Part owner of ocean going vessel;  wife and mother.  m. Capt. Daniel Henry WINSOR (1st cousin) on Jan. 16, 1840 in Ferryland, Newfoundland.
6. Peter WINSOR;  b. May 11, 1823 Aquaforte.  d. Dec. 31, 1904 Aquaforte.  Occupation:  Planter.  m. Anna Jennings WINSOR (1st cousin) on July 21, 1844 St. Johns, Newfoundland.
7. John WINSER,  b. May 1825 Aquaforte.  d. Nov. 1848.  m. Ann EVANS on Oct. 6, 1845 (Family Bible date).
8. Ann Louisa (Nancy) WINSER,  b. Apr. 19, 1827 Aquaforte.  d. Dec. 21, 1902 St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Occupation:  School Teacher.  m. William Laurence MORRISSEY on Feb. 25, 1854  St. John’s, Nfld.
Note 1:  Napoleon’s Berlin Decree of November 21, 1806 allowed French forces to seize vessels and merchandise and imprison English citizens.   In 1811 and during a return trip from Caplin Bay, Newfoundland, Peter’s fishing boat was captured off the coast of Newfoundland by the French navy and he and his brother, Jacob, remained imprisoned at Arras, France from 1811 - 1814.  This accounts for the gap between Peter's first two children.  See "Prisoner of War records" below.
Note 2:  Peter Ford Winser and his brother Jacob were well acquainted with Newfoundland because they had fished a number of times on the Grand Banks with their father.  In around 1817 or 1818, Peter, his crew and their families arrived in Aquaforte and lived aboard ship until their houses were built.  As pioneer settlers, they brought out with them seeds, fruit trees and supplies.  They farmed to the extent it was required to survive.  They kept sheep, goats, cattle and horses.  They had blacksmiths, carpenters and everybody was a Hatchet and Saw man.  Peter and Sarah PAYNE’s first three children were born in England and the rest were born in Newfoundland after their emigration.
Note 3:  Peter Winser Sr. obituary from ‘The Patriot’, St. John’s 25 Oct. 1864 reads, in part:  “Died at Aquaforte, on Tuesday the 11th instant, Peter Winsor Esquire aged 83.  The lamented deceased was for many years engaged in the staple business of the country and by strict honour and probity in all his transactions gained the respect and esteem of all with whom he had connections and transactions.  He sat in the House of Assembly for many years as representative of the District of Ferryland and during the whole period was a most strenuous advocate of the rights of the people and the progress of the colony. . . . Appointed Stipendiary Magistrate for the District. . . .”

French Prisoner of War records October 1, 1813. Brothers Peter Ford Winser and Jacob Winser were prisoners #1406 and 1414.  This document shows that Peter was the 1st captain of the ship "Mary" and was captured on December 1, 1811 and arrived at Brest, France, on January 12, 1812.  Jacob was the 2nd captain of the ship "Mary" and was captured on December 1, 1811 and arrived at Brest on January 22, 1812.  (Prisoners of War, The National Archives, ADM 103/468 Part 2 [Register of British POWs Prisons, L-V, France, 1787-1820] No. 1406). When Napoleon was defeated, the brothers returned home and began making plans to emigrate to Newfoundland.

Jacob WINSOR married Anna JENNINGS in Dartmouth, Devon, England on Feb. 15, 1816.  Jacob was a 
mariner, teacher, labourer and dairyman.  He was well educated.  Anna Jennings was born in 1796 in Dartmouth, England and died in Aquaforte, Newfoundland on May 10, 1876.
1. John Jennings WINSOR;  b. Nov. 11, 1816 Dartmouth.  d. June 2, 1880 St. John’s Newfoundland.  Occupation:  Mariner – Captain of “The Neptune”.  m. Alvina CHAFE in Petty Harbour, Newfoundland on Jan. 19, 1841.
2. Lilly WINSOR;  b. 1818 Dartmouth, England.
3. Daniel Henry WINSOR;  b. Nov. 14, 1818 Dartmouth.  d. Sept. 27, 1898 Aquaforte, Nfld.  Occupation:  Sea Captain; Master of Merchant Vessel; Lay Minister.  Married Caroline WINSER (1st cousin) in Ferryland, Nfld. on Jan. 16, 1840.
4. Isaac Ford WINSOR;  b. 1820 Dartmouth.  d. Sept. 25, 1909 St. John’s, Nfld.  m. Susanna (Susan) CHAFE in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland on May 15, 1856.
5. Anna Jennings WINSOR;  b. Jan. 9, 1823 Dartmouth.  d. Mar. 5, 1894 Aquaforte.  m. Peter WINSOR (1st cousin) in St. John’s, Newfoundland on July 21, 1844.
6. James Jennings WINSOR;  b. Apr. 11, 1825 Dartmouth.  d. Mar. 16, 1890 St. John’s, Nfld.  Occupation: Dairyman; Mate on Brig “Herald”.  m. Mary MENCHINTON in St. John’s on Nov. 27, 1851.
7. Sarah Ann WINSOR;  b. Dec. 23, 1827 Dartmouth.  m. William Azarious BUTLER in Port De Grave, Newfoundland, on Sept. 7, 1851.  d. Nov. 2, 1881
8. Emma WINSOR;  b. Oct. 23, 1832 Aquaforte, Nfld.  d. Jan. 19, 1906 Topsail, Nfld.  m. Jabez BUTLER in St. John’s on Dec. 19, 1859.  Children:  John Jennings and Jabez Henry Butler.  John’s daughter, Jessie Maud Butler, married Jabez Henry (Harry) Butler, who was the son of Elizabeth (Bessy) Sarah Winsor.
Note 1:  In the will of Anthony Winser, son of Henry and Mary Winser and therefore Great Uncle of Jacob, written on January 27, 1813, it tells us that “Jacob is in a French prison”.  Both he and his brother, Peter, were abducted from Peter's fishing boat by Napoleon’s men in 1811 and taken to Arras, France and imprisoned.  He and his brother remained imprisoned from 1811 until Napoleon was defeated in 1814.
Note 2:  It appears that Jacob’s family emigrated to Newfoundland with his brother Peter’s family (and others) in 1817 or 1818.  That story is in Peter’s biography.
Jabez Butler and Emma Winsor with sons
John Jennings Butler (standing) and Jabez Henry Butler
Newfoundland.    c.1882

Dan Henry WINSOR married Caroline WINSER (1st cousin) in Ferryland, Newfoundland, on Jan. 16, 1840.  He was a sea captain, Master of a merchant vessel and Lay Minister.  Caroline was part owner of an ocean going vessel.  She was born on April 7, 1821 to parents Peter Ford Winser and Sarah Payne.
1. Daniel (Dan) Henry WINSOR;  b. Aug. 15, 1841 Aquaforte, Nfld.  d. Apr. 1852 Aquaforte (10 years old)
2. Sarah Ann WINSOR;  b. Sept. 23, 1843.  d. Mar. 4, 1921 Exploits, Nfld.  m. George SCEVIOUR in St. John’s on Nov. 9, 1864.
3. Maria Jean WINSOR;  b. Feb. 20, 1846 Aquaforte.  d. Dec. 6, 1913.  m. Arthur SCOTT in St. John’s on Dec. 6, 1881.
4. Jacob WINSOR;  b. July 9, 1848 Aquaforte, Newfoundland.  d. Sep.17, 1913 St. Johns, Nfld. (Heart).  Merchant, contractor and Anglican Lay Minister.  m. Susan HALL in St. John’s on Dec. 24, 1878.
5. Caroline Mary Isobel WINSOR;  b. Sept. 5, 1850 Aquaforte.  d. May, 1863.  (12 years old)
6. Mary Menchinton WINSOR;  b. Sept. 13, 1852 Aquaforte.  d. Nov. 22, 1922 Lower Sandy Point Lighthouse, Exploits, Newfoundland.  m. Abraham (Abe) LILLY in Exploits, Burnt Island, Newfoundland on Dec. 30, 1875.
7. Eva Matilda WINSOR;  b. Feb. 7, 1855 Aquaforte.  d. July 4, 1889 Aquaforte.  m. Thomas Robert PAYNE in St. John’s on Nov. 29, 1888.
8. Elizabeth Sarah (Bessy) WINSOR;  b. Nov. 1, 1857 Aquaforte.  d. Oct. 1, 1920 Topsail, Nfld.  Occupation:  School teacher.  m. John Jabez BUTLER in c. 1887.  She was his second wife.  Children:  Annie Adele and Jabez Henry (Harry).  Harry Butler married Jessie Maud Butler, the daughter of John Jennings Butler.  John Jennings Butler was the son of Emma Winsor (1832-1906) and Jabez Butler.
9. Emma Lucricia WINSOR;  b. Sept. 4, 1859 Aquaforte.  d. Jan. 1864 Aquaforte.  (4 years old)
10. Sophia Louise WINSOR;  b. Mar. 23, 1862 Aquaforte.  m. William Thomas STONE/STONEMAN in St. John’s on Oct. 30, 1888.

John Jabez Butler and Elizabeth (nee Winsor)
with children Annie Adele and Jabez Henry Butler.
Newfoundland.  - c.1897 -

Jacob WINSOR married Susan HALL in St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Dec. 24, 1878.  Jacob was a merchant, contractor and Anglican Lay Minister.  He was born in Aquaforte on July 9, 1848 and died in St. Johns on Sept.17, 1913.  Susan Hall was born in Aquaforte on March 22, 1848 and died in Manitou, Manitoba, on Nov. 14, 1920.  She was a midwife and seamstress.  Her parents were Mary (1806-1894) and Robert HALL (1784-1859).
1. Maria /Myra Jane WINSOR;   b. Feb. 21, 1880 Aquaforte.  d. May 28, 1959 Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  Seamstress.  m. Niles Ludwig (Lou) NILSEN in Aquaforte on Feb. 1904.
2. Mary (May) Roberta WINSOR;   b. May 27, 1881  Aquaforte.  d. Feb. 21, 1950  Winnipeg, Manitoba.  m. Charles Theadore MARCH in Aquaforte on June 1, 1909.
3. Daniel Henry WINSOR;   b. Nov. 12, 1882  Aquaforte.  d. June 28, 1959  Farmington, New Hampshire.  Iron and Steel worker – Steeplejack.   m. Helen Louise WHITE at Helen’s home in Boston, Mass. on Oct. 5, 1910.
4. James Jennings WINSOR;   b. Jan. 24, 1884  Aquaforte.  d. Apr. 15, 1969  Verdun, Quebec.  He was a fisherman, whaler, sealer and carpenter.   m. Elsie Violet CLARKE in Verdun, Quebec, on July 17, 1913.
5. Caroline Maud WINSOR;   b. July 25, 1885  Aquaforte.  d. June 28, 1904  Aquaforte.  (19 years old)  (Bright’s Disease, which is a kidney disease)
6. Laura May WINSOR;   b. July 31, 1888  Aquaforte.   d. Dec. 11, 1888.  (4 months old)
7. Lillian Hyacinth (Lily) Winsor;   b. Jan.26, 1890 Aquaforte.  d. Apr.2, 1958 Vancouver, B.C. (Cancer).  Occupation:  Telegraph and telephone operator.  m. George Alexander HODGSON in Manitou on Jan. 23, 1913.  Several years after George shot himself, Lilly married Alexander Martin in Winnipeg.
8. Emma Irene WINSOR;  b. Dec. 1, 1891 Aquaforte.  d. May 27, 1982.  Telephone operator.  m. Herbert Wilfred STEVENS in Manitou on Oct. 15, 1919.
Note:  On Lily's marriage certificate, her name as well as that of her father's is spelled WINDSOR.

William HODGSON married (unknown).  William was born c.1750.
1. Grindale (or Grindell?) HODGSON;   b.  c. April, 1790 Bempton, Yorkshire, England.  Labourer.  m.  Eleanore (Ellen) DOWSLIN.  d. April, 1870 Bempton.   m2.   ??

Grindale HODGSON (Labourer) married Eleanor (Ellin) DOWSLIN in the Parish of Bempton in the County of York, England on December 19, 1821.  Ellen was born C. 1801 and died on Sept. 15, 1834 (Possible burial date).
1. Matthew Hodgson;   b. Oct. 31, 1821 (possibly Dec.31) Bempton, Yorkshire.  d. Dec. 6, 1893 Hespeler, Ontario.  Occupation:  Carpenter, bricklayer, labourer.  m. Annie (Ann) Marie HOPPER in Whitby, Ontario in the year 1853.
2. Mary Ann;  b. 1824 Bempton
3. Rebecca;  b. 1826 Bempton
4. Ellin;  b. 1828 Bempton
5. William;  b. Jan. 1, 1831 Bempton, Yorkshire.  d. July 19, 1916 Cairo, Nebraska.  Emigrated to Canada in c. 1850.  Occupation:  Farmer.  m. Mercy Almedia WILLSON in Pickering, Ontario on Sept. 4, 1855.  m2. Mary A. (unknown) in c.1880 and divorced in c.1884.
6. George;  b. 1833 Bempton.   m. Fannie BIGBIE
7. Grindell;  b. 1842 Bempton.  d. May 10, 1882 Bempton.
Note 1:  There are numerous spellings for Grindale/Grindell/Grindel.  I suspect that it is because not everyone was literate at the time.  Clerks, ministers and others would probably spell it the way it sounded and official documents would be signed with an “X”.  On the marriage certificate, the name was spelled Grindale and both Grindale and Eleanor signed the Certificate with an “X”, which was witnessed by John Banks.
Note 2:  Records show that the first child, Matthew, was born before this marriage.
Note 3:  The IGI (International Genealogical Index) in LDS (Latter-Day Saints) Family History Library, Micro Film # 1702872 shows Eleanor buried Sept. 15, 1834, age 33.  If this is so, the last child is not theirs.
Note 4:  Only two children from Grindale and Ellin emigrated to North America.  They were Matthew and William.

Thomas SHADDOCK married Grace (unknown)
1. 5. Mary SHADDOCK;  b. March 25, 1800 Hartland, Devon, England.    d. Nov.21, 1903  Oshawa, Ontario.  Mary emigrated to Canada in 1906.

William HOPPER married (unknown)
Richard HOPPER;   b. 1799 – d. Jan. 3, 1885 Whitby, Ontario

Richard HOPPER married Mary SHADDOCK in Hartland, Devon, England on Jan. 13, 1824.  Note:  Mary’s first child was born 4 years before this marriage.
1. Mary Ann       b. 1820 Hartland, Devon, England.   d. 1904 Uxbridge, Canada.   m. John COLWELL (b. 1821 and d. 1909 Uxbridge).  Children:  Richard, Mary Ann, John, Ellen, Thomas.
2. William         b. June 30, 1824 Hartland, Devon.   d. July 3, 1894.
3. Richard         b. Feb. 7, 1827 Hartland, Devon.   d. July 5, 1889 Whitby, Ontario, Canada.  m. Margaret Sarah COLWELL (b. Aug.19, 1830.   d. May 2, 1881 Whitby).   Children:  Richard (1856-1880) and William (1859-1927).
4. John             b. Dec.20, 1829 Devon, England.   d. Nov.26, 1901.   m. Mary Scott (1835-1900)
5. Ann (Annie) Marie HOPPER;  b. July 8, 1832 Hartland, Devon, England.  d. Oct. 6, 1918 Saginaw, Michigan.
6. Grace            b. June 6, 1835 Hartland, Devon.   d. March 26, 1863
7. Thomas         b. May 5, 1838 Hartland.   d. Feb. 8, 1907   m. Ann WYATT (1841-1910)
8. George Henry;           b. Nov.25, 1844   d. Jan.25, 1930   m. Selina A. LYNDE (1847-1930)

Matthew HODGSON (carpenter, bricklayer, labourer) married Ann Marie (Annie) HOPPER in Whitby, Ontario in the year 1853.  Matthew was born on Dec. 31, 1821 and died in Hespeler, Ontario, Canada, on Dec. 6, 1893.  Anna was born in Hartland, Devon, England on July 8, 1832 and died at her daughter’s house (Rebecka) in Saginaw, Michigan on Oct. 6, 1918.  She was buried in Hespeler, Ontario, Canada, along with her husband, Matthew.
1. Emma;  b. Apr. 11, 1854.  m. Henry ROBBINS on Sept. 17, 1877.
2. Ellen (Nellie);  b. Oct. 28, 1856 North Whitby, Ontariod. Dec. 9, 1912 Vilna, Alberta.  m. Thomas Wesley OAKES in Durham County, Ontario on May 21, 1878.
3. Mary;  b. Sept. 30, 1858 Ashburn, Ontario.  Bookkeeper in New York City.  d. Oct. 17, 1898 New York.  Body sent from her mother’s home in the USA to New Hope Cemetery, Hespeler, Ontario.
4. Francis (Frank) Grindell Hodgson;  b. Sep.11, 1860 Ashburn, Ontario. Carpenter and homesteader.  Died of pneumonia due to lack of blood (axe in foot) on Jan.8, 1901 Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Burial in Manitou.  m. Annie MARIA BROWN in Rochester, Ontario in the year 1877.  Note:  On his son's (George's) marriage certificate, Frank's middle name is spelled Grindle.
5. Margaret Grace (Maggie);  b. Oct. 7, 1862 Whitby, Ontario.  m. William DIXON.   m2. Verge FERGUSON.
6. George;  b. Oct. 28, 1864 Whitby, Ontario.  d. June 24, 1940 Puslinch Township, Ontario.  (see death announcement below).  m. Fanny BIGBIE.
7. Alice / Allece (Allie);  b. Feb. 3, 1867 Whitby, Ontario.  d. 1938.  m. Peter KNIGHT.
8. Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie);  b. Jan. 27, 1870 Whitby, Ontario.  d. July 1, 1901Burial New Hope Cemetery, Hespeler, Ontario.  m. James EAGLE.
9. Rebecca O. Hodgson (Beckie);  b. Apr. 8, 1872 Whitby, Ontario.  d. July 31, 1958 Saginaw, Michigan.  Emigrated to the USA in 1903.  m. Daniel R. BUNTON on Nov. 2, 1903.
10. Eva Victoria;  b. May 24, 1875 Whitby, Ontario.  d. 1937 Whitby.  m. Frederick Philip Johnathon STARK in Galt, Ontario on March 2, 1901.
Note 1: Ann (Annie) emigrated to Saginaw, Michigan in c.1903, which was about 10 years after the death of her husband, Matthew.
Note 2: From Herbert Hopper: “All documents show her name as ANN.  Death certificate reads ANN HOPPER HODGSON”, and states that she died of Paralysis (she was 86 years old).  She died at the home of her daughter, Rebecca and is listed in the 1918 Saginaw Directory as living at 1325 E. Park Street, Saginaw, Michigan.  In the 1919 Directory she is listed as Widow of Matthew, died 4th (or 6th?) October, 1918 – age 86.
Note 3: A death announcement in The Galt Reporter for Tuesday, June 25, 1940 stated: “HODGSON – In Puslinch Township on Monday, June 24, George Hodgson, in his 76th year.  The funeral will take place on Thursday, June 27.  Service at the Stager and Company Funeral Chapel, Queen Street, West Hespeler at 2:30 o’clock p.m.  Internment in the Hespeler Cemetry.”  (He was Matthew and Anna’s sixth child).  (Hespeller Cemetry is now called New Hope Cemetery).

James BROWN married Mary (Maryann) ANDREW in Dundonald, Ayershire, Scotland on July 13, 1824.  James was born in Dundonald on c.1806 and died in Fairlie, Mains, Scotland on Feb. 13, 1827.  Mary’s birth and death are unknown.
1. David Brown;  b. Sept. 17, 1825 Dundonald, Ayershire, Scotland.  d. June 29, 1908 at home in Kaleida, Manitoba.

David BROWN married Agnes McLEOD in Irvine, Scotland on Nov.24, 1851.  Agnes was born in Morpeth, Northumberland, England on Oct. 27, 1833 and died in England on Sept. 12, 1905.  Note: Church records state: “At Irvine the twenty-fourth day of November, 1851, the above parties were married by me, William Cousin, minister of The Free Church, Irvine, Scotland.”
1. James;  b.  c.1851.  d. June, 1907 Kenora, Ontario.  Electric company.  (Electrocuted)
2. Annie Maria Brown;  b. June 10, 1852 Ayreshire, Scotland.  d. May 28, 1957 Kimberley, B.C. Canada.  She was 104 years old.  m. Francis (Frank) Grindell HODGSON in Galt, Ontario in 1877.  Note: After her husband, Frank, and sister Margaret died, Maria married Margaret’s widower, Andy BIGGAR in Kaleida, Manitoba in March, 1911.
3. David Alexander;   b. nov. 10, 1855   d. Nov. 1, 1903.  m. Lillian BANISTER in 1884.
4. Mary Ann;   b. Dec. 21, 1856 Ayreshire, Scotland (Wakefield).   m. C. WAKEFIELD.
5. Agnes;  b. (unknown)  d. Scotland
6. Margaret Annie;  b. May 9, 1864 Arnprior, Ontario.  d.  c.1904    m. Andrew Wallace (Andy) BIGGAR in c.1886.   Note: After Margaret died, Andy married her sister, Maria.
7. Edward (Ned);  b. Feb. 1, 1870 Danville, Shipton, Quebec.  m. Lillian BANISTER (his brother, David’s, widow) in 1905.  David is father to all but one of the children.
Note 1: (Western Canadian news - July 2, 1908)  “Another of the old residents crossed the bourne whence no traveler returns, last Monday morning, when David Brown departed this life at his residence on the East half, section 12-2-8, Kaleida . . . Death was due to Dropsy and Old Age.”
Note 2:  (Western Canadian news – November 4, 1903).  “David A. Brown (jr.) of Kaleida, who has been ill for the past two weeks from a complication of diseases, died on Sunday last, aged 47 years, 11 months and 22 days.   . . . The deceased leaves behind him a wife and 8 children”
Note 3:   “JAMES BROWN’S TRAGIC DEATH” (From the ‘Kenora Miner’, June, 1907).  “James Brown, the oldest electrician in Kenora, was electrocuted at the new power station yesterday morning about three o’clock.  It appears that he was behind the switchboard explaining some of the connections to the other night man, Swinton Smith, who had just recently taken a position at the powerhouse.  Brown was pointing out a connection and accidentally touched the live wire, receiving the full force of the voltage into his body and killing him instantly.  As soon as Smith saw what happened, he threw off the switch, but it was too late.  He at once summoned Dr. Laidlaw, but poor Brown was beyond all medical aid.  Manager Stokes was also summoned immediately and went over.  Mr. Smith was almost a nervous wreck as a result of the terrible accident he had witnessed alone and in the middle of the night. … The deplorable accident has cast a gloom over the town, as the late James Brown was looked upon as one of the most faithful employees of the town.  He was the first man to be employed in electrical business in the town, having been engaged by the first electric lighting plant in the town in 1889.  The late James Brown was about 57 years of age.”
Note 4:  The Canadian Census of 1901 shows Maria as being born in 1853, not 1852.

Francis (Frank) Grindell HODGSON (carpenter) married Annie MARIA BROWN in Galt, Ontario. 1877.  Frank was about 17 at the time and Maria was about 25.   Maria emigrated from Ayreshire, Scotland to Galt, Ontario when she was eight years old.  Note:  The 1901 Census states that she immigrated from Scotland in 1855, which would have made her 3.  Frank and Maria were homesteaders in 1883, traveling from Galt, Ontario, to Manitou via the U.S.A.
1. Agnes (Aggie);  b. May 11, 1878 Galt, Ontario.  d. July 1, 1919 Winnipeg (appendicitis).  Buried in Manitou.   m. Allan Armstrong VARLEY in Manitou on Dec. 21, 1904.
2. David Matthew;  b. Mar. 8, 1880 Galt, Ontario.  d. Jan. 10, 1958 Mervine, Saskatchewan.  Occupation:  Barber, homesteader, farmer.  m. Margaret (Maggie) Stella WHITE in Kaleida, Manitoba on March 20, 1907.  Maggie died in Mervine on June 28, 1969.
3. William (Bill) Francis;  b. May 24, 1882 St. Catherines.  d. 1971 Saskatchewan.  Homestead farmer.   Married Elizabeth Isabella (Bella) MOORE in Manitou in the month of Oct., 1909. (parents: Catherine and Jimmy MOORE)
4. Margaret (Mag) Emma;  b. Jan. 1, 1884 Pembina Valley, Manitou.  d. Sept.26, 1957 Kimberley, British Columbia (cancer).   m. Charles (Charlie) LAWLEY on Dec.25, 1905.  Charlie committed suicide on Apr. 25, 1925.  Mag was the first baby born in the town of Manitou and was presented with a free lot for the occasion (possibly her 21st birthday).
5. George Alexander Hodgson;  b. Nov.2, 1885 Manitou.   d. Apr.29, 1927 Manitou.  (Died by his own hand – shot himself).  Farmer and lit gas lights for the municipality.  m. Lily Hyacinth WINSOR in Manitou on Jan. 16 (or 23rd), 1913, at the home of his sister, May.
6. Annie Olive May;  b. Mar. 6, 1888 Manitou.  d. Apr. 9, 1968.  m. Louis Douglas JACKSON at the home of her sister, Maggie, on July 6, 1918.  Lewis was born in 1888 and died on Oct.20, 1967,
7. Elizabeth (Ted);  b. Dec.7, 1889 Manitou.  d. June 25, 1982 Kimberley, British Columbia, of cancer.  m. Arthur (Skipper) MOODY at the home of her sister, Agnes Varley, on Aug. 16, 1911.  Skipper died in 1970.
Note 1:   Frank (a carpenter by trade) and Maria were homesteaders.  In an interview with grandson Elmore Hodgson (Bill's son), Maria stated the following:  "Frank and I left St. Catherines, Ontario, and traveled through the U.S.A. until we came to the Red River, then went north into Canada until we came upon the Pembina Valley, which is now called Manitou.  We walked with two young children afoot, with Agnes and David walking as best they could and William, also known as the whiner, strapped to my back.  I was also carrying my fourth child inside of me.  Frank carried a big pack that must have been over a hundred pounds, with a strap over his forehead. . . ."
Note 2:  George Hodgson’s marriage certificate shows the spelling of his father’s middle name as Francis Grindle Hodgson.  Others often spelled names the way they sounded.
Note 3:  In April of 1891 the Census for Manitoba, Canada, Dufferin District No.1 showed the following:  Frank (31, Carpenter), Maria (36) [Birth date shows she would have been 39], Agnes (13), David (11), William (9), Margret (7) [Spelled by census taker]. George (5), Olive (3), Suzzie (1) [This would be Elizabeth].  All were listed as Baptists.
Note 4:  Frank died of pneumonia due to a lack of blood (axe in foot) on January 8, 1901.  He was only 40.  (Western Canadian News – Jan. 8, 1901)  “Frank Grindell Hodgson died at the General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, January 8th, age 40 years, 3 months and 28 days.”  … Also, “Mrs. F.G. Hodgson received a cheque from The Independent Order of Odd Fellows for $1,000, the amount of insurance on her late husband’s life.”
Note 5:  In April of 1901 the Census for Manitou, Canada showed the following:  Maria (Head; Widowed; Age 47; born June 10, 1853; Year of immigrating – 1855; Baptist), Agnes (Age 22, born in Ontario May 11, 1878), David (Age 21; born in Ontario on March 8, 1880; Barber), William (Age 18; born in Ontario on May 24, 1882), Margaret (Age 17; born in Manitou on Jan.1, 1884), George (Age 15; born in Manitou on Nov.2, 1885), Annie (Age 12; born in Manitou on March 6, 1888), Elyzabeth (Census taker’s spelling) (Age 11; born in Manitou on Dec 7, 1889)
Note 6:  Ten years after Frank died, and about two years after the death of her sister, Margaret Annie Biggar (nee Brown), Maria married Margaret’s widower, Andy Biggar, who lived on a farm next door.  Maria lived to 104 and died in Kimberley, British Columbia on May 28, 1957.
Note 7:  (Western Canadian News – March 9, 1911)  “Our next item is very interesting, being the wedding of Mrs. F.G. Hodgson to Mr. A.W. Biggar, both of Kaleida.  The marriage took place at the bride’s sister’s, Mrs. C. Wakefield.  We wish them a long life of happiness.”  (Mrs. C. Wakefield was Mary Ann; Maria's sister.)
Note 8:  (Western Canadian News – May 14, 1902)  “If the person that is stealing my wood does not stop, I will prosecute him, for he is well known.  C. Lawley”
Note9:  (Western Canadian News – April 8, 1903)  “A burning chimney on Mrs. Lawley’s (Mag's) house caused some excitement in town on Friday last, and on the previous Tuesday, Charley Lawley had three of his fingers badly crushed while unloading some freight.  Charlie is inclined to believe that trouble never comes singley.”
Note 10:  (Western Canadian News – July 10, 1918)  “THE DEATH OF MRS. VARLEY (Agnes).  Following an operation for appendicitis, there died on Tuesday morning, July 1st, at Winnipeg General Hospital, Agnes, beloved wife of Allan A. Varley of Manitou, aged 41 years, 1 month and 19 days.   . . . She is survived by her husband and five children, the youngest being but five months old.  . . .”
Frank and Maria Hodgson (nee Brown)
Manitou, 1890

The Hodgson Family, 1895
Clockwise from left: Frank, Margaret (Mag), George, William, David, Olive, Maria, 
Agnes (sitting) and Elizabeth (kneeling)

1901 Census.  Maria Hodgson and her family.  Frank had died earlier this year.

George Alexander HODGSON (pronounced Hodson) (27 years old) married Lillian Hyacinth (Lily) WINSOR (22) on Jan. 16, 1913 at the home of his sister, Olive May, in Manitou, Manitoba.  George was born to Frank Hodgson and Maria Brown on Nov. 2, 1885, Manitou.  He was a farmer, drayman and municipal worker for the Manitou Gas Company (also lit gas street lights), and died by his own hand on Apr. 29, 1927 in Manitou.  Lily was born in Aquaforte, Newfoundland on Jan. 26, 1890.  She was a telegraph and telephone operator, wife and homemaker.  She died of cancer under the care of her daughter, Thelma, in Vancouver on April 2, 1958.
1. Clarence Francis (Clare);   b. Oct.4, 1913 Manitou, Manitoba.  Baptized Nov.7, 1914.  Occupation: Cream tester before the Second World War and bus driver afterwards.  d. June 26, 1981 in Winnipeg (cancer).  m. Madeleine Ross TAYLOR in Crystal City on Dec. 27, 1934.  Clare and Madeleine divorced and he then married Ethel Mason FIELD in Winnipeg on August 4, 1956.  No family from the second marriage.
2. Agnes (Twin);  b.  c.1914 Stillbirth.
3. Annie (Twin);  b.  c.1914.  Lived 5 hours.  Both twins are buried in Manitou.
4. Thelma Irene HODGSON;  b. Dec.30, 1916 Manitou.  Beautician and housewife.  d. Of a stroke on June 23, 2004 in Delta, British Columbia.  m. Henry Colin (Harry Douglas) HUNTER in Jamaica on Oct. 2, 1940.
5. Olive Margaret;  b. Sept. 8, 1918.  d. Sept. 17, 1918 (9 days old)
6. Gladys “Helen”;  b. Sept.2, 1919 Manitou.  Receptionist, PBX Operator, office clerk.  d. July 31, 2012 Ferndale, Michigan.  m. Albert STEINKE on March 16, 1939 in Winnipeg.  Naturalized to the USA in 1955.  Children:  Hope, Albert, Leon and William.
7. George Alexander Jr. (Geordie Hodgson) MARTIN;  b. Nov. 16, 1926 Manitou.  d. Dec. 12, 1986 Winnipeg (colon cancer).  m. Merveen (Merv) CAMERON in 1982.
Note 1:  On George and Lily’s marriage certificate, George’s occupation was listed as Drayman, which was a driver of a dray, a low, flat-bed wagon without sides and pulled by horses or mules that were used for transport.
Note 2:  Western Canadian News, Dec. 2, 1903:  “Just now our new street lamps are attracting a good deal of attention. … The lamps represented as being 1500 candle power and cost the town $80 each.  So far, they do not appear to have given entire satisfaction, but it is perhaps too soon to pass judgement.”  (This lighting system was comprised of a gasoline tank, pressure gauge, clock and large air pump, and was different from the one implemented in 1906.)
Note 3:  In 1906 the Manitou Gas Company (see picture) was formed to set up an 'acetylene' gas plant and distribution system in Manitou.  Each customer had a meter installed to record consumption.  Operators of the utility included Charles Lawley and George Hodgson.  They also tended the street lighting system which were comprised of ten street lamps.  Lamp standards were located at street corners and had fixtures which could be opened with a long stick.  A flint striker at the end was operated by a pull chain to light the lamps in the evening.  They were extinguished at first light.  (Information on the gas house came from Page 4 of Lorne Thompson's article "The Former Manitou Gas Company Plant")
Note 4:  The Manitou Gas Company lasted from 1906-1926.  That was when electricity came to Manitou.   George Hodgson shot himself the following year (April 29, 1927) and left behind his wife and 5 children. Charles Lawley, who married George's sister, Margaret Emma (Mag), worked with George at the gas company and had previously killed himself on April 25, 1925.  
Note 5:  After George Sr. died, Lily married Alex Martin in 1935.  Their youngest child, George Jr., took the Martin name.
Note 6:  In August, 1932, George Jr. (age 5) was sitting on the seat of some farm equipment when he fell backward and struck his face on the blades of the machinery.  This resulted in damage to one eye and life-long problems with epilepsy.  (Western Canadian News, Sep. 8, 1932)  “Mrs. L. Hodgson took her youngest son George, to Winnipeg on Monday to receive treatment for his eyes, owing to a fall two weeks ago.”  (Western Canadian News, Sep. 22, 1932)  Mrs. George Hodgson and little son, George, returned home from Winnipeg on Friday.  They will return to the city in the course of 10 days when an operation will be performed on George’s eye.”
Lillian (nee Winsor) and George Hodgson.             Manitou Gas Plant    ca.1915           
                                                      Winnipeg, 1913

Harry Douglas (Henry Colin) HUNTER (Optician) married Thelma Irene HODGSON at Half Way Tree Church in Kingston, Jamaica on  Oct.2, 1940.  Harry was born in Winnipeg on Aug.16, 1915 in Winnipeg and died in Vancouver, British Columbia on Feb. 29, 2001.  His parents were Violet Richardson Williams and Henry Dundas (Harry) Hunter.  Thelma was born on Dec.30, 1916 Manitou, Manitoba and died of a stroke on June 23, 2004 Delta, British Columbia, Canada.  Her parents were Lillian Hyacinthe (Lilly) Winsor and George Alexander Hodgson (pronounced Hodson).
1. Henry Douglas (Doug);  b. Jamaica.   Optometrist.  m1. Sara Paulson in West Vancouver.  Children:  Chris and Sloane.  m2. Lynnda SHARP (previously married) in Hawaii.
2. David George HUNTER;  b. Toronto.   Communications equipment installer, instructor and telephone company district manager.  m. Anne Paget.  Children:  Nicole and Kimberly (Kim)
3. Beverly Anne (Bev);  b. Vancouver.  Legal and school secretary.  m1. Ross King  Children: Tylor and Jason.   m2. Dwayne BAIRD
Note 1:  Harry was born Henry Colin Hunter but changed his name to Harry Douglas Hunter.
Note 2:  Harry was an optician all his career; hand grinding lenses and mounting them on frames before fitting the glasses on customers.  He was an old time craftsman.
Note 3: (Western Canadian News – Oct. 1940)  “The marriage of Miss Thelma Hodgson, . . . took place in the Half Way Tree Church in Kingston, Jamaica, October 2nd, at 2 p.m..  Canon H.G. Lovell officiated.  Gladioli were used to decorate the altar and clusters of palms were arranged in the church.  The bride, who was given in marriage by Major C.E. Broadbent, wore a tailored suit of white alpine cloth.  She wore a white off the face hat with shoulder length tulle veil, and carried orchids.  Mr. and Mrs. Hunter motored along the coastline of Jamaica, which took them to Port Antonio, St. Ann’s and Runaway Bay.  … (They) will live at the Doric Hotel.”
Note 4:  One afternoon, while Thelma and Harry and family were looking at a new development just north of Kingston, Jamaica, both Harry and David got bitten by a mosquito carrying quartan malaria and David (age 5) became very ill.  This forced their family to return to Canada in 1949, where Harry bought an optical business in Vancouver (Booth Optical).  He worked there for the next 27 years.
                   Harry and Thelma Hunter (nee Hodgson)                American Foreign Service 'Transition Certificate'
                                      Jamaica, 1940                                       for Thelma Hunter and children, David and Doug.
Kingston, Jamaica.   May 31, 1946                           

Henry Douglas HUNTER (Optometrist) married Sara Jane PAULSON in West Vancouver.  Doug’s second marriage was to Lynnda SHARP in Hawaii, 2011.
1. Christopher Allan (Chris);  b. Oct.10, 1974 Edmonton. Outdoorsman.  d. July 6, 1999 Canmore, Alberta. (climbing accident)
2. Sloane;   b. Edmonton.  Chiropractor.  m. Mitch WEGMANN in Canmore, Alberta.
Note:  Doug had two mechanical valves put in his heart at age 55.
Chris Hunter - age 23
Mount Robson

David George HUNTER married Anne Margaret PAGET in North Vancouver.
1. Nicole Anne,             b. North Vancouver    m. Michael Kearney in Vancouver and Mexico.  Children:  Jacob
2. Kimberly Deanne       b. North Vancouver    m. Kevin Seibel in Vancouver and Mexico.
David and Anne Hunter (nee Paget)
North Vancouver

Beverly Anne HUNTER married Ross KING (Metal worker and Fireman) in Vancouver.
1. Tylor;  b.   m. Meghan
2. Jason;  b.   m. Kelsey   Children: Hannah and Hunter

*** Note: The next section looks at Anne Margaret Paget’s side of the family. ***

Lewis FEARNEYHOUGH married Mary (unknown)
1. Hannah Fearneyhough;  b. 1821 Bromley, Staffordshire.
2. William
Note 1: In the 1851 Census, a Hannah Fearneyhough age 26, was listed as a “House Servant: for Ann White at Hollowayhead 88, in the Parish of St. Thomas, Birmingham.  Was this our Hannah?

William HAKESLEY (Occupation:  Filer N S) (b. 1806 Birmingham and died sometime between 1851-1861) married Hannah FEARNEYHOUGH in early 1852, Birmingham.
1. John Hakesley;  b. Feb. 20, 1853 St. Thomas, Warwick.  Chr. June 3, 1853.  Glass cutter.
2. Thomas;  b. 1855 Birmingham, Warwickshire.  Chr. Aug.26, 1855.  Sailor HMS.
3. Hannah;  b. 1858 Birmingham.  Died as a child.
4. Ann;  b. 1863 Birmingham.
Note 1: The 1861 Census shows the following persons residing at the “Back of 7 Exeter Row”:
William (55), Hannah (40), John (8), Thomas (5), Hannah (2), and William Ferney (lodger, 20.  Occupation: lamp and chandler dresser).
Note 2: The 1871 Census shows the following living together at “1 No 5 Court, Holdens (?) Way Head”:  Hannah (49 – Charwoman and head of household), John (18 – Glass Cutter), Thomas (15 – Sailor), Ann (7 – Scholar).

John HAKESLEY (Occupation:  Flint glass cutter) married Margaret TAYLOR in Birmingham in 1885.  Margaret was born in 1863 in Warwickshire, Birmingham.
1. Margaret;  b. 1886 Birmingham, Warwickshire.  d. 1975   m. William CLIFFORD (1887-1953) in 1910.  Children:  Jack (b. 1912;  m. Peggy), Eric (b. 1914;  m. Freda), Stanley (b. 1914;  m. Mary Sutter)
2. Alice Ellen;  b. 1887 Birmingham.  d. 1990.  m. John P. (Jack) Linton (1889-1981) in Birmingham in 1912.  Children: Marjorie (1914 – 2007) m. Jack SEALE (1913 – 1997), and John (1923 – 1944).
3. Florence Hakesley;  b. Aug. 1, 1889 Birmingham.  d. July 1, 1983 Nottingham.  m. Ernest PAGET in 1914.  Note: The PAGET lineage comes next.  Children:  Sid (b. Feb.29, 1920  d. Oct.20, 2007   m. Marion [Maureen] DOYLE,  Robert Geoffrey (Bob) (b. June 16, 1922   d. Mar.27, 2007   m. Nancy LILLIMAN
4. William;  b. 1895   m. Lily (unknown) Children: Margaret (1928-1955) and John (b. 1932)
Note:  The 1901 Census shows the following persons residing at: “35 Court, 8 House, Irving Street, Birmingham”:  John (48), Margaret (38), Margaret (15, clerk), Alice E. (13), Florence (11), William (6).
Florence Hakesley - age 20
Warwickshire, 1909

MUMFORD married (unknown).
1. J. (either Jni or Jim ??) Mumford;  b.  c.1781 Edgbaston, Warwickshire.
2. Margaret (Marg);  b.  c.1785 Edgbaston, Warwickshire.  Assistant.  Married a Mr. CARTER.

J. MUMFORD married Sarah (unknown).  Sarah was born 1784 Edgbaston, Warwickshire.
1. Eliza Mumford;  b.  c.1817 Edgbaston. Warwickshire

James NEWELL (Labourer) (b. 1817 Barr House, Staffordshire) married Eliza MUMFORD IN c. 1843.  Eliza was born in C. 1817 Edgbaston, Warwick.
1. Theodore;  b.  c.1844 Edgbaston, Warwickshire.
2. Adelaide Newell;  b. Oct. 31, 1847 Edgbaston, Warwickshire.  m. John PAGETT on July 31, 1873.
3. Sarah;  b. C. 1850 Edgbaston.
Note:  The 1851 Census shows a family of 3 generations living together on Harborne Road in the Parish of Edgbaston.  They are listed as:  Jni Mumford (Head, 70), Sarah (wife, 67), Marg Carter (sister, 66), James Newell (Son In-Law, 34, labourer), Eliza (Daughter, 34), Theodore Mumford (Grandson, 7), Adelaide Newell (GrandDaughter, 3), Sarah Newell (GrandDaughter, 1).

Charles PAGET (b, /c, 1824 Broad Marston, Gloucestershire.  Agricultural labourer) married Ann (unknown last name)  b.  c.1827 Inkberrow, Worcestershire) in c.1848.
1. John Paget;  b. Apr. 16, 1850 Broad Marston, Gloucestershire.  Boot maker and gardener.  Married Adelaide NEWELL on July 31, 1873)
2. Edmund;  b.  c.1852 Broad Marston/Long Marston/Pebworth.  m. Anne (unknown) in c.1875.
3. Grace;  b.  c.1856 Broad Marston/Pebworth, Gloucestershire.
4. Orlando,  b.  c.1858 Broad Marston/Pebworth.
5. Amelia Elizabeth;  b. 1860 Broad Marston/Pebworth.
6. Anne;  b.  c.1860
7. Mary A.;  b.  c.1863 Pebworth
8. Charles;  b.  c.1865 Pebworth
9. Harriot;  b.  c.1867 Pebworth
Note 1: The 1851 Census shows the Paget family living in the Parish of Broad Marston & Pebworth.  The family is listed as: Charles Paget (26, Laborer); Ann (24, Wife; John (1).
Note 2: The 1861 Census shows the Paget family living in Broad Marston, Gloucestershire.  (Pebworth, Broad Marston and Long Marston are virtually in the same area).  The family is listed as:  Charles (37, Agricultural Labourer); Ann (34, Wife); John (11, Ploughboy); Edmund (9); Grace (5); Orlando (3); Amelia E. (11 months).
Note 3: The 1871 Census shows the Padget family living in a cottage in Pebworth.  The newest members of the family are:  Mary A. (8); Charles (6); Harriott (4); Anne (1) born Pebworth.
Note 4: In the various Census papers, the Paget name is spelled three different ways from 1851 to 1901.  The names, dates and locations confirm that the families are the same.  In 1903, there was an Indenture document in which John signed his name Pagett, while his son, Ernest, signed it Paget.
1861 – Paget
1871 – Padget
1881 – Pagett
1891 – Pagett
1901 – Paget

Edmund PAGET (Agricultural Labourer) married Ann (unknown) in c.1875 Inkberrow, Worcestershire.  Ann was born c.1854  
1. Gertrude;  b. c.1877 Pebworth, Gloucestershire.
2. Dick;  b. 1881 Pebworth
Note:  Edmund is the brother of John Paget.  The 1881 Census shows that the family lived in a cottage in Pebworth.  They are listed as: Edmund (28, Agricultural Labourer, born Long Marston); Ann (27, Agricultural Labourer); Gertrude (4, b. Pebworth); Dick (1 month old, b. Pebworth).

John PAGETT (boot maker and gardener) married Adelaide NEWELL on July 31, 1873.  John was born on April 16, 1850.
1. Thomas Newell;  b. Nov. 28, 1874 Solihull.  Engineer.  Rugby, Northfield Birmingham.
2. Amy;  b. Dec. 20, 1876 Shirley, Solihull, Worcester.  Chocolate Confectioner.  m. Alf Newell, Edmonton, Canada.
3. John;  b. June 12, 1879 Shirley, Solihull, Worcester.  Farmer and metal worker.
4. George;  b. March 9, 1881 Solihull.  Railway engine cleaner (in England) and farmer in Canada.
5. William;  b. April 27, 1883.  Died in infancy.
6. Edmund (Ted);  b. Aug. 19, 1884 Kings Norton, Worcester.  Gardener’s assistant.  Farmer in Canada.
7. Ernest Paget;  b. Sept. 24, 1887 Kings Norton, Worcester.  d. April 3, 1969 Birmingham.  Carpenter.
8.  Mary Eliza;  b. June 26, 1889 Edgbaston, Warwickshire.  Chocolate maker, Bournville and Northfield, Birmingham.
Note 1:  Over time, the spelling of the Paget name changed.  In Ernest Paget’s Apprenticeship Indenture dated January 7, 1903, Ernest signed his name “Paget”, while his father, John, signed “Pagett”.
Note 2:  In the 1881 Census, the Pagett family lived at 2-Bill’s Lane in the village of Shirley, Solihull.  The family was listed as:  John (30, Boot and shoe maker); Adelaide(32, born Edgbaston); Thomas (6, born Solihull); Amy (4); John (1); George (1 month old); and William Harrison (Boarder, 82, unmarried, retired farmer).
Note 3: In the 1891 Census, the Pagett family lived on Oak Lane, in the Civil Parish of Northfield in Kings Norton, East Worcestershire.  They were listed as: John (39, Gardener); Adelaide (40); Thomas (16, Iron …work…bolt fitter); Amy (14, Jolly Cutting Cocoa Works); John (11, Scholar); George (10, Scholar); Edmund (6, Scholar); Ernest (3); Mary (1); Edmund Pagett (brother, 38, General Labourer, Long Marston, Gloucestershire).
Note 4: In the 1901 Census, the Paget family lived at Wesley Park Lodge, Northfield, Northern Worcestershire.  The family was listed as: John (49, Gardener Domestic, born Broad Marston); Adelaide (51, born Edgbaston); Amy (24, Chocolate Confectioner, born Solihull); John (21, Metal Worker); George (20, Railway Engine Cleaner); Edmund (17, Gardeners assistant, born Kings Norton); Ernest (13, Scholar); Mary E. (11, Scholar, born Edgbaston).
Ernest Paget - Age 21.  Near Warwickshire, 1909
He was a carpenter and 'joiner' and lived from Sept.24, 1888 to April 3, 1969

Ernest PAGET (Carpenter – “Joiner”) married Florence (Floss) HAKESLEY on Sept. 12, 1914 at the Old Meeting Church – Edgbaston.  Ernest was born on Sept. 24, 1888 and died Apr. 3, 1969, BirminghamFlorence was born on Aug. 1, 1890 Birmingham and died on July 1, 1983 Nottingham.  Their home after their marriage was 82 Sunnymede Road, Yardley, Birmingham.
1. Sidney (Sid) Paget;  b. Feb. 29, 1920 Birmingham, England.  Corps of Commissionaires in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Married Marian (Maureen) Angela Doyle on March 26, 1949.  Died  Oct. 20, 2007 West Vancouver.  Alzheimer’s in his 80’s.
2. Robert (Bob);  b. June 16, 1922 Birmingham.  d. March 27, 2007 Holt, Norfolk, England.  Married Nancy Lilliman George in c.1946.  Children:  Sandra, David, Rita, John.
        Ernest and Florence Paget                                             Bob and Sid Paget
                 England, 1936                                                          England, 1939

      Sid Paget and friend, Fred Field                                         Sid Paget's PASS to Bombay
      during World War II.  India, 1942

Hugh SCOTT married Annie Margaret COOPER.
1. Annie Mary SCOTT;  b. May 1, 1898 Muiravonside, Scotland.   Occupation: Ladies companion.   d. March 22, 1984 North Vancouver, Canada, from scalding in a bathtub.
2. Margaret
3. John

Murtha (Walter) Joseph DOYLE (b. June 25, …, County Wexford, Ireland) married Annie Mary SCOTT on Aug. 3, 1918 Blythswood, Glasgow, Scotland.  Walter was a railway porter, equipment inspector and gardner)
1. Marion (Maureen) Angela Doyle;  b. Jan.1, 1920 Blantyre Parish, County of Lanark, Scotland d. June 2, 1982 North Vancouver, Canada.  Cancer.
2. Eileen (Anna);  b. 1937
Note 1: Unconfirmed that Walter had upwards of 15 siblings, including 3 sets of twins.  He was born in Dublin, Wexford County, Ireland and was a railway porter and factory equipment inspector.  Walter died on August 17, 1975 in the Royal National Hospital, Bournemouth, and was living at 22 Weston Hall, Durley Gardens, Bournemouth.
Note 2: When Maureen was 3, her father Walter went to work in the north west of Scotland (Hebrides) and Annie went back to work for her former employer as a “ladies companion”.  As a result, Maureen was sent to live with her father’s parents in Ireland.  At about 5 years of age she was sent to live in a convent; also in Ireland.  Her mother, Annie, sent for her when she turned 12 and so she returned to Scotland.  It must have been a very tumultuous childhood.
Note 3:  Maureen married sometime before 1941 and became ‘Marian Webster’.  The marriage didn’t last and she became separated from her husband shortly afterwards.  Maureen’s second marriage was to Sid PAGET on March 26, 1949.
Walter and Annie Doyle (nee Scott)
England, 1949

Sidney PAGET (b. Feb. 29, 1920) married Marian (Maureen) Angela DOYLE on March 26, 1949 in the County Borough of Birmingham.  Note: Marriage certificate shows Maureen’s name as WEBSTER due to a previous and short marriage.  Sid and Maureen emigrated to Canada in 1958.
1. Susan Lavinia;  b. Solihull, England.  School teacher.  m. Norm HAUG (teacher) in West Vancouver, Canada.
2. Anne Margaret Paget;  b. Solihull.  m. David George HUNTER (Telecommunications equipment installer, instructor and District Manager) in North Vancouver.  Children:  Nicole and Kimberly.
Note 1: Sid Paget was with the British Army during the Second World War (Service No. 7612118) and was with the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME; pronounced phonetically as “Reemee”.  It was a corps of the British Army that had responsibility for the maintenance, servicing and inspection of almost every electrical and mechanical piece of equipment within the British Army, from battle tanks and vehicles to dental tools and cooking utensils.
Note 2: Maureen was with the Royal Air Force from Dec. 3, 1941 to Oct. 19, 1945.  She was with the RAF’s 73 Wing, 60 Group, Service Number 2022505 and was rank LACW (Leading Aircraftwoman).
  Sid and Maureen Paget (nee Doyle)                      Sid, Susan, Anne and Maureen Paget.
                 England, 1949                                            Bournemouth, England - 1956

Joseph HAUG married Muriel MORGAN in Calgary, Alberta on Jan.27, 1940.  Joseph was born in Bergen, Alberta on June 10, 1909 and died on May 29, 1993.  Muriel was born in Castor, Alberta, Canada on Jan.3, 1918 and died on May 14, 1997.
1. Ethyle,          b. Castor, Alberta, Canada.  m. Bill GRAY in 1964, Stettler, Alberta.  Children:  Robin, Kelly, Doug and John.
2. Joy,              b. Dec.27, 1942 Castor, Alberta.  d. Jan.20, 2008   m. Ron KENT on June 30, 1960 Stettler, Alberta, Canada.  Children:  Ron, Darren, Rhonda, Darrel.
3. Norman James (Norm) HAUG,          b. Castor, Alberta.   m. Susan Lavinia PAGET in 1981, West Vancouver.

Norman James (Norm) HAUG married Susan Lavinia PAGET in West Vancouver in 1981, West Vancouver.  Both Norm and Susan were Elementary School teachers.
1. Laura Maureen;  b. North Vancouver.  Occupation:  Elementary School teacher   m. Jamie WILSON in West Vancouver.
2. Stephanie;  b. North Vancouver.  Occupation:  Physiotherapist

David George HUNTER married Anne Margaret PAGET in 1982, North Vancouver.  The marriage took place in their yard at 701 Handsworth Road, North Vancouver.  David was born in Toronto, Canada, with parents Thelma (nee Hodgson) and Harry Hunter.  Anne was born in Solihull, England, with parents Maureen (Marion Doyle) and Sid Paget.
1. Nicole Anne;  b. North Vancouver. Registered Massage Therapist.  m. Michael KEARNEY in Vancouver and Mexico.
2. Kimberly Deanne (Kim);  b. North Vancouver.  Nanny.  m. Kevin SEIBEL in North Vancouver and Mexico.

Note 1:  David had a federal government certificate that qualified him to be Radio Operator on ocean going vessels and had a university degree for teaching Mathematics and Physical Education at Secondary/High Schools in British Columbia, Canada.  He was a phone company network switching equipment installer, technical instructor and district manager in Vancouver, Canada.  He retired at age 54 and then taught digital telephone switching in Canada and for the U.S. military in Japan, Korea and Alaska.  Anne was a law firm receptionist prior to their marriage and was a stay-at-home mom.
Note 2:  Note from David:  “I was in Okinawa, Japan, teaching digital telephone switching to the U.S. Marines when I got a message from my brother, Doug, in Edmonton.  The message simply said, ‘David.  Call me.  It’s about Chris.’  My suspicions were confirmed a short time later and so I started making plans to return home to North Vancouver.  I flew home the next day and drove the family to Edmonton for the funeral.  Doug’s son, Chris, had died while climbing near Canmore, Alberta on July 6, 1999.  He was 24.  The previous year, Chris had successfully summited Mount Robson on his first attempt."
Note 3:  In 2009 and after a few months of urinating blood, David was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  This was a direct result of walking barefoot on fresh defoliate.  Two months later, the bladder and prostate were removed.
David and Anne Hunter (nee Paget),
North Vancouver, 1982

*** Note: This next section looks at the McPhersons, Kennaways, and others. ***

John McINTOSH married Jessie Eleanor McPHERSON in Edinburgh. Sept.12, 1893

John ROGERSON married Margaret McPHERSON


Charles Gray KENNAWAY married Elizabeth KIELLAR
Margaret Morton b. May 13, 1850 Perth, Scotland
Janet McKinlay b. June 13, 1852 Perth
Elizabeth b. Jan.6, 1854 Perth
Ann Smith b. July 16, 1855 Perth
Agnes b. Feb.14, 1858 Perth
Charles Gray b. Feb. 9, 1860 Perth
Catherine b. Dec. 8, 1861 Perth
Eadie McLaren b. Dec.16, 1863 Perth
James Peebles Kennaway b. Feb.13, 1866 Perth
William b. Aug.27, 1867 Perth
Jeannie Forbes b. Jan.30, 1870 Perth

James Peebles KENNAWAY married Henrietta McPHERSON in Perth. Feb.13, 1866
Henry James

Elizabeth Keiller Kennaway
Charles Gray Kennaway b. 1894 Blairgowrie, Scotland d. Jan.31, 1941 Aberdeen

Hew McLure GARDNER married Elizabeth Keiller KENNAWAY in Auchterarder. June 5, 1928

Charles Gray KENNAWAY married Marjory Helen EWING. Apr.23, 1924
James Peebles Ewing Kennaway b. June 5, 1928 Auchterarder d. Dec.21, 1968 London

James Peebles Ewing KENNAWAY married Susan EDMONDS in Oxford. Oct.6, 1951

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